New Kevin Strange BCast Interview

Gang! I’m honor12440630_10154626696763098_1192898933085607224_oed once again to be invited on the BCast podcast with Mike and Malaria!

This is a bit of a time travel episode, as we conducted it way back in March at Horrorhound Weekend Cincinnati.

But it’s still a timely interview none the less as we tackle all sorts of subjects including my longing for yesteryear when mom and pop video stores dominated my youth, and the future of digital technology, the real profiteers of online piracy and much, much more! Give it a listen Right Here and be sure to hit up the archives for all of Mike and Malaria’s other awesome interviews!

20 Questions 7 Answers with Kevin Strange


Scott Cole, author of 2014’s SUPER GHOST interviewed me for his new blog series Twenty Questions, Seven Answers. He caught me on, shall we say an “off” night. Just check out to the interview to see what I mean…. haha


Strange the World: MP Johnson tonight at 7pm CST

Join K10847191_10153386997588098_5257059606034865785_oevin Strange and special guest MP Johnson, author of THE AFTERLIFE STORY OF PORK KNUCKLES MALONE, DUNGEONS AND DRAG QUEENS and the editor of FREAK TENSION MAGAZINE on another in depth episode of STRANGE THE WORLD, tonight at 7pm CST! We have a lot to talk about tonight. Don’t miss out!