She Was Only A Clown Chapters 26 And 27

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Chapter 26

Why’d I do it? Why’d I hit my best friend in the head with a crowbar after she’d saved my life from a psycho killer bent on torturing and raping us to death?

I guess the easy answer is because I could.

See, there’s a lot of my story I haven’t told you. I just told you the fun stuff, the sexy stuff, the stuff to make your dick hard. There’s LOTS of other stuff about me that I don’t tell anybody. In fact, what I’m about to tell you now I’ve never spoken out loud once in my life.

It’s my secret self. The self I keep locked away. You might even say if you were one of those head doctors who get off on this kind of stuff that the reason I’m such an outgoing slut is because it’s the easiest way to mask what’s really going on inside me.

I don’t see people as people. At least that’s what the books I read about other people like me say. I don’t really think of it like that. Sure they’re people but when it gets right down to it, I don’t really give a fuck about anybody, you understand what I’m saying?

I can pretend to care. Hell, I even told you I wanted to marry Mandee at one point because we had so much fun together. But it’s because I loved the fun we had reducing men down to just their dicks. Till that night at psycho Ryan’s house It was the closest I’d ever come to meeting somebody else like me. Shit man, maybe she was just like me only we never talked about it this way.

There were nights guys would be sleeping. Those nights I actually let a guy stay over at my place. There were nights when I would get off harder after he was asleep than when we were fucking. I would stand there over them and I would think about bashing their skulls in or putting a pillow over their faces or poisoning them. Hell, I came up with a new fantasy to kill them just about every time and man oh man did that get me off.

I guess I’ve been this way my whole life. I mean, I know my mom fucked me up bad and those books say it’s always childhood trauma that makes people into psycho killers. I guess my drunk mom laughing while her boyfriends put lit cigarettes out on my bare ass did a number on me. And that’s just the tip of the ole iceberg as far as the sadistic shit she and her men would pull on me. Shit that would make your damn skin crawl, for sure. Enough twisted shit to make me like this, for DAMN sure! 

I don’t really know and frankly I don’t really care. I came to terms with myself a long, long time ago. So when we were standing there in Ryan’s murder room and both of them were distracted trying to kill each other, I got the idea in my head. Even as zonked out on drugs as I was, I saw my plan clearly.

I knew how to get away with murder.

Chapter 27

I didn’t have to do much to Ryan. Mandee had fucked him up pretty good with all the stomping. He just lay there and wheezed. It was Mandee I was worried about. If she could curb stomp a grown man, she could snap my little ass in half without any trouble. I dragged her up onto the blood-stained mattress and hit her in the head again with he crowbar once she started moving around and moaning.

I had to be careful. If I hit her too hard or too many times I was either gonna kill her or cause her brain to swell up enough to that it would kill her pretty quick. I didn’t want that to happen, not yet.

It’s not that I didn’t like Mandee. Hell, I loved her in my own weird way. She’d never really done anything to piss me off. As far as roommates and best friends went, she was pretty fucking spectacular.

Thing is, all that goodness made my pussy that much wetter when I got to thinking about killing her. It’s easy to kill someone you don’t like. There’s not much passion in it. Like getting yourself off one too many times in a day. That last cum just ain’t that satisfying.

I dragged Ryan over next to the mattress. I didn’t like the way he was breathing and turning blue. He wasn’t gonna last much longer and I needed him for one particular thing if I was gonna pull off my plan.

If it was up to me, I’d have kept the two of them alive a few days. Hell, maybe longer if I’d actually been prepared to kill people that night. As it was I was butt ass naked and high on drugs trying to kill my best friend and get away with it in the time it took most people to decide which movie to watch on TV while they ate dinner so I figured even a little bit of fun was a bonus.

I yanked Ryan’s pants off and fished around for his keys till I remembered they’d gone flying when Mandee gave him that nut shot. I scrambled around on the floor and finally found them half-slid under the mattress. Once I had those, I stripped him the rest of the way naked and piled his clothes in the corner of the room.

He didn’t fight me much, which was a bad sign. His face was all puffy and he kept blowing little frothy red bubbles.

When I put his dick in my mouth I was half convinced it wasn’t gonna get hard which was gonna make my plan more complicated. But, to my surprise, his pecker jumped right to attention once I sucked on it for a few seconds.

I don’t know if that’s a natural reaction in all dying men or if it was a testament to Ryan’s virility. Either way After jacking his hard-on off and licking his balls for a few minutes, he was stiff as a corpse.

Maybe that’s not the best comparison considering he was basically on the verge of death while I was blowing him, but fuck it. There it is.

Quick as I could I climbed on top of him and stuck his dick inside me. His eyes rolled out of the back of his head and tried to focus on me while I rode his dick. I mashed his face with my hand, trying to push it as far away from myself as I could while not killing him. I needed him to cum first.

I got up on the balls of my feet and slammed down on his dick as hard as I could, getting it as deep into my pussy as I could. I gyrated my hips, grabbed the shaft and wiggled it around, doing my best to get as much of his DNA up inside me as possible. See where I’m going with this?

All of that fucking had Ryan twitching and turning purple in just a few minutes. I lay my head down on his stomach, jacked his dick off as fast as I could and waited for it. The dude blew a huge load all over my face. Kinda made me sad. If he hadn’t been such a fucking lunatic he would have been a nice lay.

I rolled over and lay on my back for a while, giving his load time to dry. Then I got up and walked over to his torture wall. Man he had all kinds of shit hanging there. The dude was one sadistic fuck.

I stood there admiring his hardware for a while. There were hand-saws, clamps, hot pokers, blow torches, chains, The sick freak even had custom suffocation masks designed to inflict the utmost suffering in his victims.

Imagine if I’d met him under different circumstances? We could have been some kind of psycho killer Bonnie and Clyde, luring young women back to our torture house, taking turns breaking their minds and mutilating their bodies. What a lovely couple we could have made.

As it was, he was about to choke to death on his own blood and I was about to take one of the hand saws off the wall and chop off his dick.


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She Was Only A Clown Chapters 24 And 25

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Chapter 24

Mandee and I were both still naked, wearing only our heels as we made our way through the big old house. We held on to each other and giggled as we felt our way through the dark rooms. Ryan wasn’t turning lights on and the ecstasy was hitting us hard as fuck so we could barely tell up from down when we finally saw a bright light switch on way up ahead in a room in the corner of the huge house.

What is this, hide and seek?” Mandee yelled. Her words were slurred. She was as fucked up as I was. Trying to get down that long dark hallway was like walking through a fun house full off goofy mirrors.

We were fucked up on more than ecstasy.

Again, I don’t want you to think we were that dumb that we let a dude roofie us and drive us out to the boonies. We’d had guys try to spike our drinks before. Hell, I’ve been drugged at least three times while I was out trying to pick up dick. We’ve got mace in our purses and white knights just a phone call away to come save us anytime shit gets too hot in slutsville.

Problem was, Ryan didn’t seem like any of the previous creepy rapeoids we’d run into before. In fact, I couldn’t remember the last time Mandee had been so excited to pick up a dude. We were always the huntressess looking for thick, hard cock to pounce on. But as we stumbled and fumbled our way into that back bedroom, I realized we were the prey.

Hang on,” I slurred, trying to get a handle on the situation before we flung ourselves headlong into something we didn’t fully understand.

But Mandee was already hopping into the room. Yes, hopping. She was out of her mind fucked up, pretending to be a rabbit. I lurched after her, trying to clear my head and buy us an extra few seconds to talk about what the hell was happening to us.

But then it was too late. The door shut behind us. I heard the metallic tumble as it was locked. I turned around and even through the wavy haze of my drug induced episode I could tell that Ryan hadn’t taken any ecstasy. He stood there, clear eyed. Smiling. He held something behind his back.

Mandee slumped over onto me, barely able to stand now as the drugs overwhelmed us. It was as if Ryan knew exactly how long he had to get us home before we were jelly-legged and piss-brained.

Like he’d done this before.

W-what the fuck?” is all Mandee could manage as she looked around at the room.

In the corner, Ryan had laid out a bare twin sized mattress. The walls were bare save for one small shelf that contained an assortment of saws, hammers, handcuffs, gags and blindfolds. The windows were covered in thick drapes, not that it mattered way out there in the country.

The thing Mandee was freaking out about was the blood. There was blood dried on the mattress, on the walls around the mattress and the floor. And behind Ryan, the door he’d locked was made of some kind of custom reinforced steel. It had no handle on the inside, just a tiny slot for a key and another larger slot at eye level, presumably for Ryan to leer through when he wasn’t inside doing god knows what to god knows who with the bloody instruments hanging from the walls.

The bitch had really walked us into a torture chamber. We’d roofied ourselves, stripped naked and practically danced right into Ryan’s trap.

Yes bitches can be just that fucking stupid if you make us horny enough.

A clanking sound at my feet snapped me out of my bewildered state. I tried to focus on the object, finally deciding that squinting while closing one eye gave me the best chance at seeing what the fuck it was around the swirl of pulsing color that currently assaulted my senses.

A crowbar.

The fuck are you doing?” I said, staggering around to face our captor.

Ya’ll are fucked. Let’s just get that out there and put it to rest now. You ain’t getting out of this room unless I decide you are, are we clear?”

Mandee started to whine behind me. Her mind was in outer space but she was following Ryan’s words. That was good. I was going to need her help if we were going to live through the night.

At least that was my initial reaction to being locked inside Ryan’s torture room.

Way things actually played out went sideways faster than I can scarf down an uncircumcised cock.

Chapter 25

One of you will pick up that crowbar and hit the other one with it.”

Mandee and I looked at each other, then back at Ryan trying to figure out if he was joking. He didn’t look like he was joking.

Do it now. What the fuck are you whores waiting for, a dog whistle?”

Fuck you, piece of shit!” Mandee yelled, putting her hand on my shoulder for balance.

Ryan laughed. His face had changed. His eyes. It was like a mask had been dropped and the real Ryan was looking at us now. The evil Ryan.

Let me just lay it out there, I know you girls are a little out of it right now, but try to follow along. I’m going to stand outside this room while the two of you beat and rape one another with various instruments of torture while I pleasure myself to the sounds of your screams and pleas for help and I’m only going to let one of you live. If you refuse to play along, I’ll chop you both up while you’re still alive, rape your dismembered bodies in front of each other and feed you to one another until there’s nothing left for me to fuck. Okay?”

Mandee shuffled forward, small tits perked up, hair blown back from running her hands through it. She looked like a nude goddess standing there all defiant, staring death in the face and spitting at it.

I’ll fucking claw your eyes out and rip your little fucking pecker off before you get a chance, asshole! Come on! Fucking come get me!”

Ryan fumbled with the keys in his hand, clearly underestimating Mandee’s level of lucidity. But before he was able to get out of the torture chamber, Mandee caught in him clean in the dick with a lightning fast knee to the groin, causing him to cry out in shock and pain, sending the key ring flying across the room.

That’s when Mandee set to work on his face. She jumped onto his chest, knocking him back into the steel door and started tearing at his eyes with her nails, just as she’d threatened to do.

She got him good, too. Blood was pouring from his face when he finally got a hold of her hair and yanked her head back, peeling her off him like she was an angry cat.

Fucking cunt! I’ll fuck your lifeless eye sockets!”

But for all his big talk, he was still fucked up from the knee to the dick so when Mandee reared back and kicked him in the chest he went down like a sack of assholes.

I said before he was tall but lanky. There wasn’t much to him. He might have been stronger than Mandee but she had that ass and thighs on her.

He lay there trying to suck in air as Mandee went to just stomping on his chest and head. He put his hands up, trying to grab onto her legs and pull her off but after three or four stomps she got him in the throat with her heel and must have cracked or smashed something in there because he set to wheezing after that and it was clear he didn’t pose much of a threat anymore.

Mandee turned around, covered in Ryan’s blood, doing a lot of huffing and puffing of her own. “Get the keys,” she said, wiping the blood out of her eyes. “let’s get the motherfuck outta here!”

That’s when I hit her in the face with the crowbar.


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Vampire Guts In Nuke Town Chapter 2

Vampire Guts in Nuketown was originally published in 2013. It is available to purchase in full via Kindle or paperback by clicking here. Before reading this chapter, catch up with chapter 0, and chapter 1


Chapter 2

As Guts was tending to Nick, Shelly had quietly gathered up a shotgun from under the tarp.

As he hit the ground face first, Guts thought to himself: This is the kind of shit that’s gonna get you killed, brother. Let your guard down for a piece of ass, and look what happens.

Out loud, as an afterthought, he said, “Great actress.” He spat out several teeth, feeling sick to his stomach as the warm, dull pain grew in intensity across his face. Then he mumbled, “Bitch broke my jaw.”

“What’d you say, you fucking scumbag?!” Nick leaped off the bed, snatched the shotgun out of Shelly’s hand, and pointed the business end in Guts’ face.

Guts peered at him through watery eyes, his right one already swelling shut from the blow. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the kid. His wiry form was tensed with adrenaline, veins bulging in his small arms and chest.

“That’s what I thought, you’d better shut the fuck up.” He turned toward Shelly. “What’d this cocksucker do to ya, sis?”

That’s when Guts noticed his second mouth, set in his long, thin neck. A perfectly shaped mouth complete with lips and teeth. It moved in tandem with the one on his face, but made no sound. Nick was a mutant.

“Nothing, Nicky. Honest, he just said he’d help us.” There was fear and apprehension in her voice. She met Guts’ gaze for a split second, her eyes showed remorse. She was a reluctant accomplice in this scheme.

“Yeah right!” Nick hauled off and planted a boot deep into Guts’ ribs, breaking at least one. This action revealed another identical mouth on the opposite side of his neck. He turned back to Shelly.

“He probly fucked you over there. You were gone too long, Shelly! He fucked you, didn’t he!?”

“Nicky, no!”

Guts had seen the bait and switch tactic before. Scavengers and motorcycle gangs on the road liked to put wounded animals and children in harm’s way, waiting for some shit-for-brains to come to the rescue. Guts sure felt like he had shit for brains right then. His vision swam, his jaw was on fire, he could barely breathe through cracked ribs, and the damn throbbing in the back of his neck had somehow become worse.

“You think you can just fuck my sister and get away with it, you piece of shit?!” He kicked Guts again. “Huh, loser? Huh?”

Guts rolled into the fetal position, clutching his broken ribs.

Nick grabbed his sister by the pants, unfastening her buckle. Absently, he let the shotgun drop to the floor.

“Nicky, stop. Not now.”

“Shut the fuck up!” Nick violently yanked Shelly’s pants down around her hips. The young girl went limp. She’d obviously been through this before, and knew better than to fight back. She wasn’t wearing underwear. Nick buried his nose into her pussy, breathing deeply.

“I don’t smell your cock in my sister. Good. The only person who gets the honor of fucking this little piece of ass is me! Got it, punk?”

Nick moved behind his sister. He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her tiny top up over her perky little tits. He massaged them gently in his hands while the tongue on the left side of his neck licked at her cheek, smearing thick white saliva across her face.

She closed her eyes and trembled. Out of fear or lust, Guts couldn’t be certain.

In spite of the tremendous pain he was in, Guts felt his cock begin to stir.

“Unbelievable,” he mumbled, as disgusted with his own perverse excitement as the incestuous scene before him.

Shelly began to moan as her brother turned her around and started sucking on her perky nipples with his main mouth.

“Oh, Nicky. You make me so wet.”

These people are insane, Guts thought. You have got to get up and get the fuck outta here! He made a move to unsheathe the knife from his boot.

In a flash, Nick jerked away from his sister. He stomped Guts’ hand just as it reached the knife handle. New pain surged up Guts’ arm. He again saw blinding flashes of light behind his closed eyes.

“Don’t even think about it, cock suck! Little bitch!” Nick pulled the knife free from its sheathe. “Ho-ly shit! This is a real pig sticker, ain’t it?”

Shelly shifted uncomfortably, pulling her top back down. “C’mon, Nicky, let’s get outta here. I’m hungry. I saw a big bag of food in his room.”

“Not so fast, baby. It might be a week before we run into somebody again. I tell ya, sometimes I think we’re about the last normal people out here on the road. I wanna play with this one for a bit.” Nick pulled the tarp away, revealing a table stacked with all manner of tubes and containers.

That’s when the smell hit Guts. He glanced over and saw the bodies. The tarp wasn’t there to cover a hole in the wall; it was covering the bodies of dead Pogs. This psycho was cooking Pog blood. But for what purpose? Guts should have known. How could he have been so careless? So stupid?

The Pogs outside, they weren’t attacking him. They were warning him that there were Poogers in the other hotel room. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Now he noticed the telltale purple bags under these two lunatics’ eyes; the way they scratched at their arms and twitched, always nervous. They were Poog junkies.

Using the knife, Nick cut away a long strip of tarp. When he crossed back over toward the bed, Guts was met with another boot to the face, sealing the deal on that broken jaw.

Shelly looked on in disapproval as her brother tied Guts’ hands behind his back. Guts remained as quiet as possible, while unbelievable pain crisscrossed along his body. Nick’s right throat-mouth was right by Guts’ face. It breathed deeply. Its noxious breath, like spoiled meat, washed across his face. Guts held his breath, accepting the pain in his ribs over breathing that rancid breath. How could Shelly stand kissing him?

“I don’t know about this, Nicky. He’s real big. Let’s just go, OK?”

Nick whipped a sharp glare in his sister’s direction. “You never let me have any damn fun, baby!”

“No. It’s just… I don’t want him to get loose and hurt us, is all.” Shelly put a hand to her brother’s face.

He violently slapped it away. “Fuck that!”

Shelly flinched away.

“You love him, don’t you?!”

She took a step back, seemingly sensing what was to come next. “What? Nicky, no! I love you! Don’t say that!”

“You fucking slut.” Nick stood and turned away from Guts. “You fucked him, didn’t you??” He dropped the knife inches from Guts’ left boot. It stuck straight up in the thick carpeted floor.

Guts stayed perfectly still. He willed himself invisible. He held his breath again, in spite of the pain.

Nick slowly stalked toward Shelly, violent intentions across his crazed face, twin throat-tongues darting in and out of their grotesque orifices in anticipation.

“Nicky, please, don’t talk like that. I-“

Nick backhanded his sister. Hard. “Bitch!” His hands began to shake. His eyes grew wide with the type of rage that only manifests itself as pure insanity.

Shelly shrank back against the far wall, a look of mute horror across her face. A trickle of blood dripped from the corner of her open mouth. Slowly, her hand went up to the red mark across her cheek.

“You promised no more hitting, Nick.” Tears welled up in her eyes.

Nick stared at her for a moment, his anger simmering, threatening to burst forth into another violent act, his tongues whipping in and out of his mouths. Then he turned his back to her. He walked up to the table full of jugs and tubes. He stepped on a dead Pog head as he did so, causing one of its huge eyeballs to burst from its mooring, filling the room with its death stench.

“Don’t start that crying shit on me, Shelly.”

He picked up a small propane torch and began heating up the largest container. Pog blood roiled across the top of the jug, threatening to spill over. It smelled like rotten licorice.

“You fucked this piece of shit, didn’t you? Don’t fucking lie to me!”

Using a thick cloth, Nick poured the boiled solution through a strainer, into a smaller glass half-full of what looked like sugar.

“I told you last time,” Shelly said, her voice a whisper. “Never hit me again.”

Nick whipped back around, glass in hand and stomped back up into Shelly’s face. His hand trembled as he lifted the glass up to his mouth and drank deeply from it.

He was distilling Pog blood into alcohol? Guts had seen Poog used in all manner of weird ways, but he’d yet to see anyone boil it down and make a drink out of it.

Nick closed his eyes, let his head roll back. His muscles visibly relaxed. He leaned backward to the point that Guts was sure he was about to fall over, passed out. Then he straightened up, opened his eyes, and offered the brewed concoction to his sister.

She touched the mark on her cheek again, hesitant and fearful to accept the glass from her brother, and yet there was a longing in her face that begged for the drug contained within.

“Nick. I… I shouldn’t.”

He swirled the glass, smirking at her, his eyes half-closed and bloodshot. Telltale golden slime leaked from his tear ducts. He let his free hand casually press up against the crotch of her shorts.

With reluctance, she said, “I-I don’t want any.” Then she gently pushed his hand away and added, “Don’t touch me again.”

Nick’s lips, all six of them, began to tremble. He opened his main mouth to speak, then stopped. Instead, he backhanded Shelly across the other side of her mouth.

“Bitch!” he screamed. “Don’t ever tell me what to do! I’m in charge. Got it!?”

Faster than Guts thought possible, Shelly grabbed up the shotgun from the floor and stuck it in Nick’s face.

“Enough!” she screamed through a hard sob, tears streaming down her face, the gun steadily shaking in her hands.

Nick stiffened. Just for a moment, his face showed genuine fear. Then he cocked his head to the side and laughed.

“What’re you gonna do, sis? Shoot me?” He grabbed the barrel and placed it to his forehead.

“Go ahead, little sis. Blow my head off. Who’s gonna take care of you then, huh? That guy?” Nick motioned to Guts. “You saw how easy it was for me to outsmart him. You wouldn’t last a week out here on the road without me.”

Shelly looked at Guts, then back to Nick.

“C’mon, sissy, just put the gun down. You don’t wanna shoot me. I’m sorry I hit you. I was just mad, OK? Honest mistake.” Nick smiled, then added, “Won’t happen again. Promise.”

Shelly let the gun falter for a moment, then stepped backward and leveled it back to her brother’s face. “No, Nick. You said that last time. Last time you promised no more hitting. You lied.”

“Fucking cunt!” Nick knocked the shotgun away with ease. He grabbed Shelly by the throat, golden foam frothing at the corners of his mouths. He lifted her off the ground with both hands clenched around her tiny neck. The shotgun dropped to the floor.

Shelly made short gasping noises as she clawed uselessly at Nick’s arms in a desperate attempt to free herself.

Nick squeezed harder.

Shelly’s eyes bulged, her face turning a deep purple. “Ni-i-cky, p-please!”

He choked her for a second longer, then abruptly dropped her.

“Fine,” he said in a small child-like voice as Shelly twitched at his feet. “You choose him over me. See if I care! I’m going to his room for supplies. You better say what you have to say to your new lover while you can, ‘cause I’m slitting his fucking throat when I get back.”

He looked at Shelly, all apologies in his eyes.

She looked away, disgusted.

Nick quickly left the room, slamming the door behind him. Shelly and Guts were left in silence, occasionally broken by her weak sobs.


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