She Was Only A Clown- New Hardcore Horror Serial Novella

If you thought Kevin Strange’s new extreme horror novel BEETLE BRAIN (available now on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle) was the only Kevin Strange new release you’d be getting this fall, well, you’d be WRONG!

Presented in weekly installments, Kevin Strange proudly presents one of his most darkly disturbing works to date. SHE WAS ONLY A CLOWN is a hardcore horror novella exploring the clown sighting phenomenon of fall 2016, with sinister and deadly results.


After a horrific accident leaves his nephew with brain damage while under his care, Elwood retreats to an isolated life away from the rest of his family. He spends his days and nights alone in the family barn, that is until he starts reading about creepy clown sightings all across the country. 

Elwood decides to don his own clown costume and walk the streets on Halloween night scaring the locals. But when he spots another clown in the woods, things get weird. She won’t talk. She won’t move. She only stares. 

SHE WAS ONLY A CLOWN will push your fear of clowns to new heights as Kevin Strange weaves visceral hardcore horror, cosmic weirdness and extreme sex as only the Strange one himself can. 

Are you afraid of clowns? You will be.


Starting Saturday, September 9th and concluding on Halloween night, join Kevin Strange for one of the most intense horror stories you will read this year, for free, only at

After the last installment is posted, the entire novella will be collected and released in both paperback and eBook formats. We encourage you to purchase a copy if you enjoy what you read here.

This Halloween season, gang, prepare to be disturbed. See you next weekend.