Psycho Spring 2018 Week 4: Beetle Brain

We saved the best for last, gang! Psycho Spring 2018 goes out with a BANG! For the first time EVER, Kevin Strange’s newest novel BEETLE BRAIN is FREE on Amazon kindle! Grab it up by clicking here today thru Tuesday, May 1st!


BEETLE BRAIN is the story of Sue Ellen, a strung out stripper who inadvertently becomes the queen of planet Earth when a cult of giant beetle worshiping masochists christens her the matriarch of a race of ancient bug-monsters who have been living beneath the surface of the Earth for millennia waiting for the opportunity to ascend and consume all life above ground. 

The only problem is, Sue Ellen is possibly the dumbest girl in the whole world. 

BEETLE BRAIN is a return to the extreme horror genre for two-time Wonderland Award nominee Kevin Strange and FOR SURE one of the sickest, sexiest and brain-bent novels he’s ever written. If you like the messed up shit, DO NOT sleep on BEETLE BRAIN.