TQP 30: Chewing the Fat with the Cannibal Cop

Gil Valle has been called a lot of things: cop, husband, pervert, monster, cannibal, exonerated. Now, he can add author to this list of handles, some true, some not. In this episode, Gil signs up for a stay in the Quiet Place to talk about the trial of his life, why the other two men charged in his case are still incarcerated, what it was like going from policeman to convict in a day and making the transition to horror author. Maddux turns him onto Edward Lee’s work. Also joining this episode is book reviewer Ben Arzate as a part time co-host.

A new segment debuts in the opening monologue called The Bipolar Book Report, wherein Jeremy runs down his favorite reads of the moment. Expect this to become a regular feature. Books covered this episode include Buds by James Longmore and The Mermaid’s Revenge by Amy Cross

Gil’s work can be found at:

TQP 25: Trolling with the Ogre

On this special episode, Jeremy, Ogre and Maddodge talk about Lindsay Shepherd’s scarlet letter from Winfred Laurier University, Google & Twitter censorship and the growing body count of post-Mandalay Bay survivors.

For more on Ogre, visit his channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFqrzOry64eXUDvc6yFcsPQ

For more on Maddodge, visit his channel here:

Quiet Place Live Stream Sunday 12/3/17

Jeremy Maddux, ever vigilant host of The Quiet Place, is planning to host a livestream this Sunday afternoon at 5:30 pm Eastern Standard Time.

Is legalizing marijuana the answer to pain treatment? Should the Federal Government relax regulations on prescription drugs? Should we repeal the Controlled Substances Act altogether? If you’d like to be a part of this discussion, email Maddux at sickfixx@gmail.com.