TQP 23: A Podcast On the Borderland w/ S.T. Joshi

Joshi is something of a magnet for detractors due to his outspoken criticism of weird fiction and its many authors. Most recently, Joshi drew the ire of one Brian Keene. Seeing as Keene would never see fit to have Joshi on his ‘Horror Show’ as a guest (he doesn’t live in Pennsylvania and isn’t friends with the host, after all), we here in Strangeville wasted no time in extending an invitation to the esteemed man who has made his life not only Lovecraft, but the slow creeping evolution of the weird tale.

Also covered: the veritable ‘who’s who’ list of Joshi detractors. See if you can catch your name in there! Joshi revealed to Maddux in the course of this interview that he has more than thirty projects in various stages of development, from memoirs to anthologies, his second collection of criticism (21st Century Horror) and even a novel called Something From Below. You can find out all you need to know at his website:www.stjoshi.org.

TQP 09: Ben Garrison

In the opening moments, Maddux revisits the Beer Hall Putsch of 1923 where Hitler would first capture the imagination of the German public upon his arrest for treason.

Then, we get down to brass tacks as legendary artist Ben Garrison talks about his struggles with the denizens of 4chan and their misappropriation of his arts for anti-semitic ends.

Next time: Avialae Horton of The Revolutionary Conservative to explain how pagan conservativism is possible, and also her ongoing goal to #UniteTheRight.

Surreal Sermons Flashback 01: The Kevin Strange Interview Part 1

The first part of Maddux’s interview with Kevin Strange on his original podcast, Surreal Sermons is once again available here as an exclusive! When Maddux Met Strange. This is definitely a departure to what Strangers and listeners of The Quiet Place have come to expect from the new shows, but you can hear the discontent and anger slowly beginning to creep into their commentary here as the two go over social justice warriors, social media witch hunting and the disappointing direction writer communities were choosing to take.