TQP ep 21: Not Another Nazi Podcast…Part 2

Maddux brings you the conclusion to his dialogue with journalist Bryden Proctor from the far reaches of the Alt Right to talk about the Jewish people, National Socialism and try to find middle ground. For better or worse, this is in the spirit of the defiant heroes of legacy talk radio such as William Cooper, Bob Lassiter and Alan Berg. This will most likely be the final show on the Alt Right, at least for a while. We look forward to cultivating more fascinating viewpoints and personalities with exotic backstories.

TQP Ep 20: Not Another Nazi Podcast… Part 1!?

In the interest of preserving a history of talk radio hosts who engage in uncomfortable dialogues with questionable people (Bob Lassiter, William Cooper, and most recently, Roaming Millennial), Maddux wanted to get to the bottom of why some Americans would turn to National Socialism as the answer to America’s problems. And while Bryden Proctor may not be a National Socialist, he does have some things to say about it. Decide for yourself.

TQP 18: Madness, Milkshakes & Marvel Comics with Jon Del Arroz

In this special report, author Jon Del Arroz joins the show to discuss recent conflicts with the emotionally stunted writers and artists at Marvel Comics, who have seemingly singled Jon out as a person of interest in their ongoing mission to exterminate white conservative males who don’t follow their diversity through cruelty agenda. Other persons of interest in this Marvel Madness include popular youtubers Cap’n Cummings ( a previous guest of this show) and Diversity & Comics. We also go over how Jon’s family was recently targeted by these people or their followers. Keep in mind that this all stems from loyal patrons/customers criticizing a product for which they pay their hard earned money. Jon has a novella coming out next week about baseball in space which is titled ‘Gravity of the Game’.

You can find out more about him here:


Here’s a recent article of his for The Federalist: http://thefederalist.com/2017/04/12/forcing-political-correctness-employees-characters-killing-marvel-comics

Next week’s episode will feature Ralph Epperson (historian, alternative researcher and author of The Unseen Hand) to talk about why he believes that only the United States has nukes, Zapruder was in on the JFK assassination as well as the overall Conspiratorial View of History.