TQP 06: Neotolerance

Maddux is back to briefly weigh in on the news of Tony Foreman’s stabbing, the death of Otto Warmbier and the coining of a new phrase that best contextualizes the recent mutation of bleeding heart liberalism, which can best be described as Neotolerance.

TQP 05: CNN, Say-a Goodbye to Reza!

Well, this one is sure to lose some listeners, but Jeremy Maddux loses a bit more of his mind in the opening segment as he weighs in on the firing of CNN ‘journalist’ Reza Aslan, who had recently eaten an actual, real life human brain as part of his new ‘Believer’ tv show.

Then, Maddux is joined by popular youtube personality Capn Cummings to talk about the social justice warriors infecting the comic book medium.

Also, a preview of next week’s show where Jeremy plans to honor Alan Berg, a talk radio host who was murdered in his driveway by members of white nationalist group The Order thirty years ago.

For more Capn Cummings: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL6G3GZ0yhXkR1vl6BCPegw

and his livestream account:

RAS 04: Triggering Bizarro Snowflakes

We apologize for the sound quality of the last episode. We’re always experimenting with our hardware and software here at the Strangeville Podcast Network and assure you that this week’s show sounds worlds better.

SPN host of THE QUIET PLACE Jeremy Maddux recently appeared on the JOHN PODESTA’S PIZZA PARTY podcast to discuss bizarro fiction. The conversation quickly turned to me, for some reason, and a lot of shade was thrown.

My book covers (the artists of which have worked with a score of other bizarro and small press horror authors) my editor, the quality of my storytelling (even though the author in question has a lower average rating on Goodreads than I do. His “female” alter-ego pen name has an even worse rating, even after he rated his own books) and of course, my virtue were all criticized.

Jeremy wasn’t asked to, nor was he required to defend me, but he did a great job in doing so anyway. Listen to the interview here for the full context of the discussion. What follows is my response to several of the accusations leveled at me during the show.

Until next time, gang. Keep ranting!