WWS 14: Nemesis Movie Review

Gang! We’ve got a whopper for you this week! I’m talking about Albert Pyun’s batshit crazy 1992 sequel to the Jean Claude Van Damme vehicle CYBORG. I’m talking about none other than robot Tim Thomerson’s NEMESIS!

Terminator and Blade Runner spawned an entire genre of cyber punk, dystopian apocalypse style knock-offs but Pyun’s NEMESIS is absolutely one of the coolest of them all.

Listen to Kevin and Travis geek the fuck out about all the insanity on this week’s WATCHING WITH STRANGERS podcast and remember, gang! Keep Watching!

WWS 10: Willow

After a week off, the boys are back with the big episode 10 of WATCHING WITH STRANGERS! This week, Kevin and Travis tackle the 1988 Ron Howard cult classic WILLOW!

A much maligned flick by critics, our watchers make the case for why WILLOW is more of a misunderstood masterpiece than a blatant ripoff of better fantasy fare from the 70s and 80s. Travis struggles with this week’s 6 degrees of Fred Dekker and Kevin just can’t seem to get enough of Val Kilmer shirtless…

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Till next week, gang. Keep watching!

WWS 08: Out For Justice

It’s time to take a trip back to 1991 this week on WATCHING WITH STRANGERS as Kevin and Travis hit the mean streets of Brooklyn New York in their review of the Steven Segal/William Forsythe classic OUT FOR JUSTICE!

The boys swap crazy stories about ole Steve and lovingly send up the career of one of the more eccentric man-movie action heroes of that bygone era. If you’re a fan of the 80s/90s action hero genre, you’re not gonna want to miss this one!

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