James Gunn: From Troma to the Toilet

In the past 24 hours, Guardians of the Galaxy 1 and 2 director James Gunn has deleted more than 10 thousand (!!!!) tweets dating as far back as 2008.

The acclaimed director came under fire after directing his ire at conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro. Afterward, The Daily Caller did a deep-dive into Gunn’s tweets to discover what many of us long-time Tromites already knew: Gunn is a degenerate edgelord who has posted probably the most outrageous and offensive tweets of any A-list hollywood director ever. By a long shot.

Gunn’s provocative and offensive tweets range from jokes about the holocaust to many, many jokes about child-rape.

Gunn is now on the defensive, issuing a new series of tweets wherein he acknowledges his edgelord past but claims to be a changed and “grown” man. This supposed growth just so happens to coincide with the moment he started cashing checks from Marvel/Disney.

It’s unclear what the repercussions from this offensive tweet unearthing will be for the rising Hollywood star, but the situation could be addressed as early as today when Gunn is scheduled to appear at San Diego Comic-Con.

Update: He’s fired.¬†

Why do I care about Gunn’s social media drama other than as an amused onlooker watching another hard-leftist suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome fall to the very same outrage machine they helped to create?

Because I would have never made a film if it wasn’t for James Gunn.

I can’t state that more clearly. There would absolutely be no Hack Movies, no Cockhammer, no Nixon and Hogan without the influence of James Gunn.

His film Tromeo and Juliet helped inspire me to pick up a pen and start writing offensive horror/comedy movies and the book he co-wrote with Troma founder Lloyd Kaufman, All I Need To Know About Filmmaking I Learned From The Toxic Avenger was the bible by which I lived in my earliest years making movies.

But my connection to James Gunn goes even deeper than that. He’s a fellow St. Louisan. And while we didn’t grow up in the same town or know each other, he is personal friends with people I lived down the street from and graduated high school with.

So you can say James Gunn was a hero to me in my early years. I cheered from afar after he moved on from Troma and landed a gig writing the live action Scooby-Doo movie and later the Dawn of the Dead remake.

I consider his indie film SUPER to be one of the best deconstructions of the super hero genre and, ironically, a cautionary tale about the same sort of vigilante justice that the far-left advocates in ANTIFA.

His early foray into the social media world with the bizarre and amazing short films with his brother Sean, Humanzee! and the PG porn series are hilarious. I also consider the Guardians of the Galaxy movies to be among the absolute best in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.

But James Gunn unequivocally deserves every ounce of scrutiny and criticism coming his way this week. As he got more famous and a bigger and bigger following on Twitter, he became everything the Troma Team up in New York satirized about the film industry.

Later, when Donald Trump was elected president, Gunn turned up the liberal hypocrisy to the Nth degree, absolutely catching an awful case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Gunn and everyone like him in Hollywood haplessly make the same mistakes the Christian Right made in the 1990s. Ironic because the Left still tries to hang that albatross around conservative necks some 25 years later.

The Christian Right got huge and rich and used that wealth and power to influence politics making them a political and social force that could not be moved from the outside. It took corruption, lies and awful conduct from the inside to shatter their grip on the nation.

And that’s exactly what’s happening to the Left today. Influencers like James Gunn believe they are the moral arbiters of our culture. They believe that they KNOW BETTER than middle-America about what our values are and how we should live our lives.

They chide us for wanting a border wall, strong borders and an un-molested second amendment while living behind gated communities with armed guards. They lecture us on morality while all of Hollywood is infested with moral degeneracy and, apparently, a pack of frothing rapists according to the #MeToo movement.

James Gunn, and many, many liberals like him, used to be cool motherfuckers. They used to represent anti-establishment values and weren’t afraid to be edgy and tell shocking, provocative jokes for no other reason than to offend the morally pious church ladies of the rural US.

But as the great Jim Goad says, the liberal SJWs like James Gunn are the new church ladies and they’re getting exactly what’s coming to them.

James, you should have stayed in your lane.


7 Days in Strangeville Day 2: Dream Reaper


In early 2005 I started gathering my troops. Friends, acquaintances, even complete strangers jumped on board for what would become my very first feature length film, DREAM REAPER. One of the worst cinematic disasters in the history of film.

But before I shot the film, I made sure my two co-stars could remember their lines and act worth a damn. They couldn’t, and they couldn’t, but we plodded forward anyway. We were kids, what the fuck did we know! As I wrote the script for DREAM REAPER, I stalled for a bit and shot this ridiculous commercial for our website. Mind you, we had absolutely nothing to sell yet. But that didn’t stop us from shilling the fuck out of ourselves anyway!

HackMovies.com Shill

After that it was on to filming. Since I didn’t know what the fuck I was doing, I had no idea how fucking hard making movies was. I went into making my first feature film as casually as one might decide to join an after school softball team. Believe it or not, after just a few short months, we’d done it! We’d made the whole stupid movie. My own feature length film to put on DVD and sell to the world! By this time I’d met Mike Lombardo of ReelSplatter.com. He clued me in on which software to use to get myself away from Windows Moviemaker, but that didn’t stop me from shooting the whole movie on that damn 250 dollar Walmart camcorder!

Lloyd Kaufman DVD Intro

Once the movie was shot, edited, and mass produced on DVD, we took it all the way to Twisted Nightmare Weekend in Ohio where we managed to land the one and only Lloyd Kaufman, president of Troma Studios and creator of the Toxic Avenger to do our DVD intro! I’d made it! My cinema hero shilling for MY movie! We brought 80 copies of that bad boy to the con and sold 7! 7 people wanted OUR movie! I couldn’t believe it! I went home so stoked, so ready to make another flick. But that story is for tomorrow. For now, feast your eyes on the VERY FIRST Hack Movies FEATURE film!

Dream Reaper 

Come back tomorrow to learn how we hooked up with long time Hack Movies cinematographer Nick Head and created the two most popular characters in Strangeville, Nixon and Hogan!