Erotic Story: My Angry Roommate Part 2

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My Angry Roommate Part 2

by Kevin Strange

Jenni Stormed in the door like a whirlwind. She had her own key to the apartment and never bothered to knock. She treated my place like it was her own, that is, if she had a place of her own. She lived with her mom and three young sisters. She’d stay with me for days at a time to get away from all the chaos.

“Sup, bitch,” she said, smirking at me. She threw her purse on the couch next to me and walked into the kitchen. She put her health drink in my fridge and then came back into the living room and plopped down next to me. She put her feet up on my legs and pulled out her phone.

She wore spiked heeled, ankle high black vinyl shoes and red fishnet stockings under tiny black shorts.

The black top she had on said “Daddy’s Little Girl” across the tits. She’d cut out the neck so that it hung low. If her tits would have been big enough, it would have shown cleavage. As it was, it just showed off the monsters and gore tattoos across her chest.

Her nipples stuck out even against the dark fabric. She wasn’t wearing a bra.

That wasn’t uncommon for Jenni, she bragged about her “slut style” all the time. She always said it was fun to make boys lust after her, knowing they could never have her.

But today, and in particular after what might have happened in the living room before, I was apprehensive about her revealing outfit.

I’d told her the truth when I said Saule was in a bad mood. I’d seen him this way before. He’d get wasted in the middle of the day, crank his music till the neighbors were beating on the ceiling, then punch holes in the walls before he passed out.

I’d already had to patch five holes and we’d only lived in this apartment for seven months.

Saule was a bad drunk. And today he was already wasted.

Jenni sighed and took a pouty lipped selfie for Instagram then tossed her phone and hopped up off of me.

She stuck her hands in her back pockets absentmindedly as she looked around the apartment. Her shorts pulled low, revealing her butt crack. She wasn’t wearing panties either.

“Let’s watch a flick and get fucked up,” she said, strolling across the living room to our DVD wall. She scanned the disks, but I knew which movie she was going to pull down.

Return of the Living Dead 3. Julie, the zombie girl from the flick was Jenni’s hero.

In the film, she becomes a zombie and then stabs herself with all kinds of piercings and other body modifications in order to stave off her impulse to eat brains.

It’s a sweet movie. Super violent. And the girl who played Julie’s super hot.

She took the disk out of the case and put in my DVD player. She clicked play and wandered back over to the couch where she pulled out her jar of wax and dabber tool.

That’s when I heard Saule stir in his bedroom. He must have heard the movie playing because a few minutes later, he came out of his room shirtless wearing a pair of jeans that hung so low, the top of his pubic hair tuft poked out. He wasn’t wearing underwear either.

Jesus Christ, couldn’t the people in this apartment keep their clothes on?

“Just in time to smoke,” Jenni said as Saule plopped down on the couch that ran perpendicular to ours, forming an L facing the television.

He nodded and lit a cigarette. His eyes were bloodshot and his head bobbed around a bit. He was still drunk. Was he still in a bad mood?

Jenni fired up the butane mini torch that we kept on the coffee table for the dab rig and heated up the quartz nail.

As she bent over the rig, I could see her tits from up under the bottom of her skimpy cutoff shirt. Worse, I could see Saule looking at them down the top of it.

His arms were crossed as he took slow drags off the cigarette, silently checking out my girlfriend’s tits.

When the nail was red-hot, she used the dab tool to pick up a small piece of wax. She bent over the rig again to dab the wax against the nail and take a hit.

That’s when Saule sat forward for a closer look down her shirt.

I sat forward, too. I was about to say something to him. I really was. But Jenni sat back on the couch and coughed out her hit, mercifully removing her breasts from my roommate’s view.

She leaned forward again and pushed the dab rig in Saule’s direction.

“You sure?” he asked, still seeming a bit groggy and disinterested.

“Yeah, you smoke me out all the time. Go for it,” Jenni said, her voice raspy from coughing.

Saule stood up and snatched the dab tool, scraping himself off a piece of wax. When he stood up straight again, his pubic tuft was eye level with Jenni’s face.

And she was staring directly at it.

Worse, Saule was looking at her. They stayed like that for an awkward moment. My girlfriend basically checking out my roommate’s dick and my roommate totally aware of it.

“You gotta work today, man?” I blurted out, trying to break the sexual tension that had been growing since that night in the living room.

Saule knelt down and torched the dab nail. “Nah,” he said without looking at me. When the nail was hot, he took his hit.

I felt two inches tall right then. I think that was when I knew for sure that Saule was going to fuck my girl.

We passed the dab rig around the table till we were totally blazed. Return of the Living Dead 3 played in the background the whole time.

I glanced up to see that Julie had already been turned into a zombie. It was the scene where she reveals herself all sexy and fucked up looking with all of the spiked metal and glass shards poking through her body right before she graphically slaughters the gang of punks.

“Must really like your dad, huh?” Saule said, breaking my zoned out concentration on the movie.

“Huh?” Jenni said, completely stoned. Then she laughed, realizing that he was making a comment about her tiny little shirt. “Daddy’s Girl.”

“Actually my dad killed himself when I was ten,” she said, smirking. “After I turned him in for touching me.”

That’s what I loved about her. She didn’t take anybody’s shit. I don’t know if she was telling the truth about her dad or not. She liked to make shit up just to shock people and see what they’d do.

Saule didn’t miss a beat. “Where’d he touch you at?”

Fuck. That was all it took. He’d brought the tension right back.

“I don’t think she wants to talk about—” I started, but Jenni cut me off.

“No, it’s fine,” she said, never taking her eyes off of Saule.

If her dad had really fucked her, she’d never told me about it. I felt a pang of jealousy. How fucked up is that? I was upset that she hadn’t told me her dark secret instead of my roommate.

But that was just the start of how fucked up things were about to get.

“Where’d your daddy touch you?” Saule repeated, smiling.

Jenni sat forward on the couch and stuck her chest out. “Here,” she said, swirling her fingers around the nipple impressions jutting out from the thin fabric of her shirt.

She looked at Saule and laughed.

“He touched your shirt?” Saule said, feigning ignorance.

“No silly,” Jenni said, playing along. Then she pulled her little shirt up over her tits.

My stomach dropped. Her tight, small tits barely jiggled when the fabric came up over them. They defied gravity. My mouth went dry.

My girlfriend was flashing my roommate. I was so mortified, I didn’t know if I was humiliated that they were doing this right in front of me, or relieved that they weren’t doing it behind my back.

Saule was silent. His eyes roamed Jenni’s tits while she watched, pleased that she had his undivided attention.

I couldn’t help but notice that the front of his sagged pants was beginning to bulge.

Jenni circled her nipples again. “He liked to pinch them,” she said. “And suck on them.”

“Jen, stop,” I said, finally finding the guts to stand up for myself. “Put your shirt down.”

She looked at me, confused. “We’re just messing around, jeez. Listen to this guy,” she said to Saule, minimizing my protests.

Was I just being an uptight prick? Were they just playing? Was all of this harmless?

I didn’t have time to think about it any further as Saule finally spoke.

He said, “I’m more of a hands on learner. Could you show me what you mean?” He pointed to his own nipples.

“Oh, yeah. No problem,” Jenni said, again playing dumb like it was perfectly normal for a guy to ask his roommate’s girlfriend to suck on his nipples in front of her boyfriend.

Jenni’s top stayed in place as she got up off the couch and knelt down in front of Saule. “He did it like this,” she purred. And then she started licking small circles around Saule’s left nipple. Then her hand came up and started to softly pinch and roll his right one.

My hands were sweating and my breath was shallow. Now the bulge in Saule’s pants was noticeably bigger.

And I mean bigger. Jesus Christ. I’d seen his limp dick before, I already said that, but now? How could the guy be a grower AND a shower?

Jenni noticed, too. She broke away from his nipple and laughed. “Damn, son,” she said grinning at him. “Somebody loved you.”

“You wanna see it?” Saule asked.

“No!” I blurted out. “No she doesn’t. C’mon, Jen!” I whined. I was tired of this game. I was her boyfriend god dammit. She wasn’t going to check out another guy’s cock in front of me. Especially not one that fucking big.

“Danny, we’re just high and goofing off. Jesus, don’t be such a buzz kill.”

With that, she yanked down Saule’s pants, and his big fat dick flopped out.

That was it. It happened. My girlfriend saw my roommate’s big dick. And I was a buzz-killing asshole for complaining about it.

Jenni’s eyes bugged out. “Holy shit, man. I’m gonna need a second. Wow.” She put her hand up to her mouth and laughed. She ran her finger from the root of his thickness, buried deep in his musky public hair down his shaft, tracing a bulging vein all the way to the fat purple circumcised head hanging at least nine inches below. I said hanging because even though he was clearly hard, the sheer WEIGHT of his dick kept it from sticking up and out. It hung there lazily. Mocking dicks like mine which stood tall and eager, their mass not consequential enough to be affected by gravity.

After her finger traced the entire length of Saule’s monster cock, Jenni absentmindedly popped the finger in her mouth. She tasted his cock.

“This is. Wow. This is the biggest cock I’ve ever seen in real life.” She grabbed the shaft and squeezed, as if to validate the huge dick’s authenticity. “Babe, have you ever seen a dong this big before?”

She was actually shaking Saule’s dick at me. Was I expected to answer? The owner of said dong just grinned quietly and looked at Jenni as she talked.

“Uh. No. I guess not.” I stammered. Why was she acting so… normal? What girlfriend in her right mind would think it was OK to just grab hold of another man’s cock and shake it at her boyfriend?

I was going to be sick. This had gone way, way too far. Like out of the stratosphere too far.

And then it went even further.

“I don’t even know if I could fit this thing in my mouth!” Jenni exclaimed, looking up at Saule with wide eyes, then back down at his imposing schlong.

“Why don’t you try,” Saule whispered.

“Because she already has a boyfriend, dude.” I said. I was getting angry now, finding my balls. Not that they were nearly as impressive as Saule’s pair that my girlfriend was currently massaging with her free hand.

“Calm down, we’re not doing anything.” Jenni scolded. “I just wanna see if I can get it in my mouth. It’s not like I’m trying to suck him off or anything.” She made a disgusted face. Like sucking his dick was perfectly normal, but REALLY sucking his dick was appalling.

She was compartmentalizing her behavior, which in turn, somehow, calmed me down.

I sat still and didn’t protest further. She just wanted to see if she could suck it. Perfectly natural reaction to seeing the biggest dick of her life, right?


First she circled her tongue around the big purple head getting it wet. Then she ran her tongue up the sides to prevent traction when she finally slid her lips over the large meat stick.

She never had to do that with my dick. It fit halfway into her mouth without even touching her lips most of the time.

She slipped the fat cock head into her mouth and stopped. The crown of the glans was barely enveloped by her lips.

“Holy shit,” she mumbled and then worked her mouth around like an anaconda dislocating its jaw to swallow its prey whole.

That did the trick. She was able to fit considerably more of Saule’s girth into her mouth after that.

Saule, for his part, closed his eyes and let all of this happen, silently enjoying a blowjob from my girlfriend.

She worked her mouth back and forth for several strokes, taking the huge cock a little deeper into her throat each time.

On the forth or fifth stroke, she gagged, and her eyes watered.

Saule moaned and took hold of her head as she tried to pull away to catch her breath. She struggled for a moment but somehow found enough room in there to inhale. She relaxed again and, this time with Saule’s guiding hand, was able to take, unbelievably, a little more than half of the length of his shaft into her mouth.

That’s when my own dick started to get hard.


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Erotic Story: My Angry Roommate Part 1


I told my girlfriend Jenni not to come over. I told her my roommate Saule was in a bad mood, but she didn’t listen. She’d never seen him in one of his moods before. How dark he could get. How violent.

Me? Apparently I didn’t know how dark Jenni could get, either. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

She didn’t listen. She never listens to me. Jenni does what Jenni wants. And really, that’s why I fell in love with her in the first place.

Jenni was a ten foot tall firecracker packed into a five-foot-one frame. Tiny.

She had a pixie cut. Short fire engine red spiked hair with a black undercut. Tattoos from her shoulders down to her wrists and all over the rest of her body, too.

My favorites were a pair of simple black line skulls that encircled the nipples on her perky B-cup tits.

But what she lacked in tits, she more than made up for in ass. I don’t know how so much butt can fit on such a tiny frame, but when she wore panties, her butt cheeks would swallow almost all of the fabric in the back. This was only amplified by the fact that she loved to work out and did squats at least four days a week.

She was a self proclaimed bad bitch and she did whatever the fuck she wanted.

It always blew my mind that she chose me out of all the guys in our circle of friends who hung out at the heavy metal club to date. Fuck, she could have had any of them, but she chose me.

Sure I’m a big dude with my fair share of scary tats and a big beard, but truth me told, I’m a total pussy. I’ve never even been in a real fight.

Jenni says she likes me for my dick, but it’s not even that big. Certainly not as big as Saule’s. I’ve seen him leave the bathroom after a shower. He’s hung. I get a pang in my stomach every time he walks by Jenni and me sitting in the living room of our apartment in nothing but his boxer briefs because I can see the outline of his thick cock and I know Jenni can, too.

Saule is the total opposite of me. He’s thin and tall. He’s got shaggy black hair and big bushy black eyebrows. He looks like Dave Navarro from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t notice Saule checking out Jenni when she wore her little tiny coochie cutter cut-off black denim shorts or little spaghetti strap death metal T-shirts, which was basically all she ever wore. In fact, the only thing she wore more than those damn skin tight shorts was the choker necklace with the little pink skull in the middle that rested against her throat. I’d bought it for her for our one year anniversary. The anniversary she’d forgotten about. I think she only wears it out of guilt, but that might just be my insecurity getting the best of me.

With Saule around eyeballing my girl, it was easy to be insecure.

I’d known Saule a long time. He was one of my best friends, which is why I lived with him. But when it came down to it, the guy was a selfish prick. And I knew deep down that if he got the chance, he would absolutely fuck my girl.

Like I said, I told Jenni not to come over, but she did anyway. Said she’d just scored some high quality wax and wanted to use my dab rig and nail.

She liked using my quartz dab nail better than her titanium one. Said mine tasted better. I don’t think the heating element changes the way concentrated THC tastes. I think she just looked for excuses to come to my apartment.

And I don’t mean to see me.

It had all started the month prior. I remember the night vividly. Like it was just yesterday.

Jenni and I had just finished having sex. She lay above the covers on her stomach, head buried in the pillow. Sweat still glistened on the small of her back. My thick white load was still stuck to her butt cheeks. She loved when I came on her ass. I laid there on my back, arms crossed behind my head just staring at my load slowly sliding off her bubble butt, down into the dark creases between her legs.

Jenni rolled over and grabbed her pack of smokes. She flopped onto her back, smearing my cum into my sheets. “Got a light?” she said, popping a cigarette into her mouth.

I looked around. I didn’t smoke cigarettes and didn’t usually keep my weed stuff in my room. “Probably in the living room,” I said, finally. I was getting groggy. It was late.

Jenni sighed and got up. Butt naked, she strolled across the room and opened my door. Slick, shining cum was still visible across both her butt cheeks when she casually strolled out into the common area of the apartment.

I felt a twinge of fear but quickly pushed it aside. It was after four in the morning, Saule was probably out cold. He usually worked afternoons, but was typically passed out drunk by two thirty or three.

Then I heard his door creak open.

Oh no. Jenni was still out there. Naked. With cum all over her ass.

I sat up in bed. My heart started to race.

Saule came strolling out his room. He belched and scratched his balls. His bare balls. Saule was just as naked as Jenni. And he walked straight out into the living room.

I held my breath. I listened. Nothing. No sound from the living room.

I sat up off the bed. Naked myself. Did anyone wear clothes in this stupid apartment? I stepped toward the door as quietly as I could. For some reason, I thought that if I just stormed out there and took my girl by the hand, they’d perceive me as jealous or weak.

So I stood still and listened. There was no noise from out there. I knew Saule and his hairy, swinging dick was out there with my big butt girlfriend but they weren’t making a sound.

Then Saule appeared back in the hallway. “Sup, bro.”

He was back in his room just as fast as he’d left. But was his dick just a little harder than it had been when he came out?

Was it my imagination, or was it a little… wet?

No sooner had the thought crossed my mind than Jenni came back in the room smoking a cigarette.

“Fuck are you doing up?” she said, strolling past me.

She climbed back into bed and laid there staring at me, smoking her cigarette. She was completely naked. She looked so fucking beautiful laying there splayed out, legs spread open, completely relaxed in her sexiness.

I was being paranoid. I was being a weak ass bitch and I needed to get a hold of myself.

I plopped down between Jenni’s legs.

She grinned when she realized what I was about to do. “You wanna go again? Damn, kid. What’s got into you?”

I didn’t answer. Instead I scooted up to her shaved pussy and kissed the inside of her thigh. I know we’d just finished having sex less than ten minutes before, but I couldn’t help but notice the thick line of glistening moistness in the crack of her pussy.

Why was she so wet? I kept kissing my way up her leg until I was planting smooches on her little outer labia. Was I making her this wet, or had she come back into the room like that? I stuck out my tongue and licked straight up and down from her butthole to her clit, just the way she liked it.

She didn’t taste any different. I don’t know what I expected her to taste like. I’d eaten her out plenty of times after we’d fucked and she always tasted exactly the same. This time was no different. Would I even have been able to tell if she’d just fucked my roommate in the living room?

Jenni ran her hands across my head and moaned. I inserted a finger inside of her and focused my tongue more on her clit, using my free hand to reach up and pinch her nipples.

As she came closer to climax, she raised her ass up off the sheets and moaned, “fuck!” She was practically gushing now. I had to rebalance on the bed and hold on tight so I didn’t get bucked off as she writhed around, squeezing her thighs around my head until I felt like my eyeballs were going to pop out of my head.

All the paranoia and self doubt began to melt away as I played Jenni like a finely tuned fiddle. That was, until she came.

She hitched her breath and bucked her hips violently against my face as she came, but she didn’t do one thing. The thing she always did. Jenni loved to look at me when she came. She would always pull my face up off of her and lock eyes with my as I licked and fingered her to climax. She said it got her off to watch me eating her out. She liked to see my tongue on her pussy.

But this time, she reached over and pulled the pillow over her face as she spasmed on the bed. That’s when my mind started to race again. Why hadn’t she looked at me? Was she thinking about Saule?

Things didn’t get any better after she came. As she caught her breath, I made my way back up to the head of the bed. Jenni liked to sucked my dick after I went down on her. She said she always slept better if she knew I went to sleep satisfied.

But that night, when I got to the head of the bed, she made no move for my hard dick. I sat there like a moron, boner sticking straight up in the air while she lay there with her eyes closed. She looked like she was about to fall asleep.

Meekly I grabbed for her hand to put it on my dick. She made a negative sound and pulled away. She took my own hand and put it on her tit. “Sorry,” she mumbled. Too tired.

I laid there that night and I jacked myself off next to my girlfriend. Squeezing her boobs, I tried to concentrate on thinking about her sexy body and all of the most kinky things we’d ever done together sexually as I wanked my pud.

I felt like a complete loser in that moment. But worse, as I got closer and closer to climax and my thoughts became more and more perverted, I began to think about Saule coming out of his room. His big limp dick and fat balls. I thought about Jenni’s tiny frame and how huge his manhood would look pushing in and out of her from behind.

I busted a nut to the fantasy of my roommate fucking my girlfriend. I am a pathetic piece of shit.

After that night, I couldn’t get the thought of Jenni doing something sexual with Saule in the living room out of my head. I couldn’t stop thinking about my own fantasty about the two of them having sex together. But at the same time, I couldn’t bring myself to ask either one of them about it, either.

Was I crazy? They couldn’t have been out there alone together for more than three or four minutes, tops. That wasn’t enough time for my roommate to fuck my girlfriend.

Or was it?


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