Exclusive New Kevin Strange Interview!

Click here to listen to Kevin’s latest appearance on Bizzong!

Like clockwork, you can always expect Kevin Strange to pop up a couple of times a year on Bizzong, the bizarre and weird fiction podcast run by the king of weird himself, Mr. Frank!

In this interview Kevin drops a TON of exclusive, never before heard info about his brand new StrangeHead Book Club hitting Patreon at the beginning of next year. The two dudes talk about Kevin’s new serialized hardcore horror novella SHE WAS ONLY A CLOWN and delve DEEP into Kevin’s writing process which involves both marathon and daily writing schedules.

Then, ooooh boy the gloves come off as Mr. Frank asks Kevin about the Wonderland Award for excellence in Bizarro fiction and the controversy surrounding whether or not the award is honorary or merit based.

You gotta listen to this one, gang. It’s hot hot HOT and it’s sure to ruffle quite a few feathers in the bizarro writing community. Get your drama hats on boys and girls, and GIVE US THE GONG!

Kevin Strange Returns To The Bizzong Podcast


Every great story has a great villain. This week, Bizzong gets its great villain, Kevin Strange. That’s right, the evil Bizarre and Cult fiction writer returns to Bizzong! to talk about his new book I DIED IN A BED OF ROSES. Mr. Frank also has some candid discussion about his break with the Bizarro scene and his search for new readership.

You can hit play. The choice is yours. I assure you, its probably not as bad as you think. Of course, it could be much worse. Only one way to find out Zongers!

Click here to listen to Kevin Strange’s return to Bizzong!

All Kevin Strange Interviews from 2016

img_8119I get interviewed a lot, gang. I love talking about the art and philosophy of writing. Ah, let’s face it, I just love talking! Interviewer types always know they’re going to have an easy time filling an hour with ole Kevin Strange and this year has been no different.

I did 5 interviews this year going as far back as February when I was the very second guest on the Bizzong podcast from Project iRadio and Mr. Frank. We talked about my newest novel TEXAS CHAINSAW MANTIS and about the bizarro fiction genre in general.

Over the course of the year I did 4 more interviews of various lengths and dealing with subjects as wide ranging as my writing retreat with bizarro mastermind Carlton Mellick III and internet piracy with Mike and Malaria’s Bcast podcast that we recorded from the floor of a horror convention.

I even had the honor of traveling halfway across the country to be a guest on the podcast The Horror Show With Brian Keene. It’s been a crazy busy year for me, gang, and it’s all been documented in interviews. Here they are in chronological order:

Bizzong Episode 2: Strange Tropes

Bizzong Retreat: Kevin Strange

Bcast with Mike And Malaria: Episode 152: The Return of Kevin Strange

The Horror Show With Brian Keene: Kevin Strange and John Bruni

Dread Central and Mike Syxx Interview Kevin Strange

To book me on your show, contact me at: StrangeTheKevin (at) Gmail (dot) Com.