StrangeGiving 35% Off Book Sale Now Thru Cyber Monday!

Gang, straight up, I was not going to do a Thanksgiving sale today. I was going to spend the day quietly with my family, enjoy the holiday and start work on a brand new book on Sunday.

But as the day wore on I just became more and more thankful for the incredible year I’ve had. We launched the podcast network just over a year ago, started recording my back catalog as audio books and released 4 new books.

We’ve had nearly 50,000 website visits, hundreds of book sales and over 17,000 podcast downloads.

Strangeville is TRULY blessed and we could not do it with you, the Strangeheads. So how could I NOT do a sale for you guys this holiday weekend?

Act now and take 35% off your entire order now thru Cyber Monday at the Kevin Strange Square Store by entering the promo code HAPPYSTRANGE upon checkout.

My in-stock supplies ARE limited so please expect up to 2 weeks to get your signed and personalized paperback books. I garuntee you’ll have them before Christmas, so if you’re buying books for the holidays, don’t worry. You’ll get em on time!

Our audio books and fiction writing videos will be transmitted immediately upon purchase. So no waiting on those.

My brand new extreme horror novel BEETLE BRAIN, my weird mutant romance novel I DIED IN A BED OF ROSES and my latest short story collection ALL THE TOXIC WASTE FROM MY HEART are PERFECT stocking stuffers for your bent and deranged loved ones!

And yes, as always, this sale INCLUDES our bundle deals like our 3 for 2 deal, our 5 for 40 deal and our 10 for 75 deal. Take 35% right off those bitches, too!

We love you, gang. Happy Thanksgiving!