RTS 03: Convention Survival Guide For White Guys


Gang! Kevin and Jeremy are back this week to talk about a huge issue facing the convention circuit in today’s politically correct culture. They talk about single white guys being targeted by weaponized sexuality in the form of cosplay girls, feminist authors and more potential threats to con-goers who aren’t on their toes and ready for social justice warriors to pounce on them the first chance they get.

But first, the dyslexic duo talk about the third part in the serialized reading of Kevin’s novelette THE HUMANS UNDER THE BED.

Dexy, Willex and Buxtak sneak into the human army by way of Crug from the clan Crug. Or, more specifically, by hiding inside of his guts! Will our little monster friends be found out? Will they make it to the Overmind and find their parents like Big Dex told them to?

Find out this week on READING TO STRANGERS!

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