RTS 03: Convention Survival Guide For White Guys


Gang! Kevin and Jeremy are back this week to talk about a huge issue facing the convention circuit in today’s politically correct culture. They talk about single white guys being targeted by weaponized sexuality in the form of cosplay girls, feminist authors and more potential threats to con-goers who aren’t on their toes and ready for social justice warriors to pounce on them the first chance they get.

But first, the dyslexic duo talk about the third part in the serialized reading of Kevin’s novelette THE HUMANS UNDER THE BED.

Dexy, Willex and Buxtak sneak into the human army by way of Crug from the clan Crug. Or, more specifically, by hiding inside of his guts! Will our little monster friends be found out? Will they make it to the Overmind and find their parents like Big Dex told them to?

Find out this week on READING TO STRANGERS!

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And remember, gang. Keep reading!


Kevin Strange Appearing at HorrorHound Weekend Cincinnati 3/18-3/20 2016

Gang! B533199_10152125708363098_1611541533_nig news! Kevin Strange will make his first public signing appearance in nearly two years at this weekend’s HorrorHound Cincinnati horror convention taking place Friday March 18th through Sunday March 20th at the Sharonville convention center in Cincinnati Ohio.

He’ll be signing a VERY LIMITED quantity of his books at the TimO and Harley Show table all weekend long.

When we say limited, we mean he has as few as TWO copies of most of the books in the Strange catalog. BUT he will be bringing every available release in their new second edition Kevin The Strange Fiction formats INCLUDING his new novel TEXAS CHAINSAW MANTIS and the limited to 50 signed and numbered copies of his novella INSIDE AN ASSHOLE.

So if you’re a collector, we suggest getting to the table early on Friday to pick up your books. THEY WILL SELL OUT. For more information about HorrorHound Weekend, visit their website at www.Horrorhoundweekend.com.

See you in Cinci, gang! Come help make this weekend even more STRAAAANGE!!!