Reading To Strangers Ep 1: Strange Vs Bizarro

Welcome back, gang! As promised, we bring to you the inaugural episode of the brand new READING TO STRANGERS podcast right here at! This week, my handsome co-host Jeremy Daniels and I jump right in to all of the current, most up to date controversies surrounding my place in bizarro fiction.

As you’d expect, my rant is long winded but relevant. I try to illustrate the dangers of an entire genre of fiction existing inside a tiny echo chamber, and I rededicate my promise to speak out against the liberal social justice police at every turn.

We then premiere for the first time ANYWHERE the first of 4 parts of my audio book THE HUMANS UNDER THE BED produced, mixed and edited by the AWESOME TimO at the Raven’s Nest studio. TimO and I have been down for years, ever since the Hack Movies days (and even before that when I was a fanboy of his band Fragile Porcelain Mice as a teenager)  so it was an honor to collaborate with him once again.

Finally, we jump back into the studio, finish up ranting about bizarro and social justice and then preview next week’s episode titled “What if Edward Lee was an SJW Scapegoat?” Be sure to tune in next week for that, as well as the next weird, wild part of the HUMANS UNDER THE BED audio book.

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Till next time, gang, keep reading!