Reading To Strangers Ep 0: Welcome To Strangeville

Gang! It’s here! After a two plus year hiatus from the podcasting game, we have returned with READING TO STRANGERS! Those familiar with our previous podcast, READING TO MONSTERS, will be right at home listening to its newest incarnation.

This is just a little introductory episode explaining to the Strangeville noobs who I am and what our podcast will be about. There is NO fiction reading in this episode and our esteemed co-host Jeremy Daniels is in absentina due to a nasty stomach bug.

He will be back for our official episode one launch which you will NOT want to miss. I address all of the controversy surrounding my involvement with the bizarro fiction genre AND we debut a BRAND NEW audio book serial. But that’s next week.

This week we just get your dicks wet with a quick little introduction from the Mayor of Strange himself, me. Give us a few weeks to get oriented and then we WILL be listed on iTunes, Stitcher and all other podcast networks. For now, take a listen to the episode via our handy site player at the very top of this page.

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Thanks for listening! Keep reading, gang!