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So, gang. You may remember a little horror/erotica series I debuted in the Strange Sayings newsletter last year called DEAD DAUGHTER. I released 3 chapters and then promptly never mentioned it again. The truth is, my life got busy as shit! I never intended to stop writing about Katrina and her perverted, mutant powered friends. My new novel TEXAS CHAINSAW MANTIS (which you can buy here for $4.95 on Kindle) just took precedent, then I moved. Then I got sick…

I realized not long ago that I’d never moved the series over to Amazon like my other horror/erotica titles HOLEY MATRIMONY and LOCH NESS LAY. Then I began to wonder if Amazon would even let me publish an erotic book with “Daughter” in the title, considering their site-wide purging of the more risque erotica. So what the hell was I going to do with this cool little series?

Change the name, combine the first two chapters and release it as  MUTANT MANOR: NECROTICA SERIES BOOK 1, naturally. The third chapter, EMMA, has already been published on my newsletter, but I’m going to get into chapter 4, KYLEE, this month and then combine those two chapters as MUTANT MANOR: NECROTICA SERIES BOOK 2 this summer. Followed by the epic conclusion to Katrina’s time in The Facility this coming fall. After that, the whole shebang will be released in paperback as MUTANT MANOR: VOLUME 1.

Too much info? Probably. But I wanted to clear up the confusion about the title switch and let my loyal newsletter subscribers know that they’ve already read this first book in the series. Nothing has been changed or added except for some tighter editing by my ever faithful editor Sean Ferrari. Now that I’ve got them caught up to speed, here’s the cover, synopsis and Amazon link to purchase my new book, MUTANT MANOR: NECROTICA SERIES VOLUME 1, ready for your pervy reading pleasure. 🙂



Mutant Manor is an episodic series of erotic action horror stories concerning a group of x-men like mutants with super powers who break out of a government facility housing and experimenting on them. Hardcore sex and violence rule the day as Katrina and her cohorts unravel the secrets of the Nine Men and get the shit fucked out of themselves in the process.

In Episode one, we meet Katrina as she arrives at the facility and meets a number of her fellow mutants. But all is not as it seems as those closest to her prove that the facility and indeed even Katrina herself have a lot more secrets than they’re letting on.

Join Katrina as she fucks and sucks her way through a cast of sexual mutants so bizarre, they’ll leave you wishing you had a few superpowers to use on them yourself!

 Click here to buy Mutant Manor: Necrotica Series Book 1 for just $2.99!

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