Kevin Strange Writing Workshop Testimonial 3

Gang! We are no12980719_10154703667443098_1559025993_ow just 24 hours out from my next workshop registration! The previous workshop filled in less than two days, so be sure to come back here to tomorrow at 12:00pm CST to ensure you get a spot. IT WILL SELL OUT!

In my workshops, I teach a one hour lecture, live via Google Hangouts which ensures that the energy and enthusiasm I bring to writing and teaching fiction is communicated as fully and naturally as possible without actually being inside a classroom.

The workshop spans four weeks and is totally interactive. I encourage class participation and communication through the webcam technology of Google Hangouts which enables us to talk in real time, just like a real classroom!

But again, you don’t have to take my word for it. Here’s former student Craig Bullock on the Kevin Strange writing workshop:

“The class enabled me to transform an idea into a full, marketable story. The seminars provided a great insight into the structure of what a short story should be and provided me with the knowledge to confidently write and promote my work. Was an invaluable experience that will stay with me throughout my writing endeavours and one that I am eager to repeat again. The support and advice provided was invaluable and helped guide me towards my end goal, constantly making me evaluate my approach to writing a short story.”

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