Watching With Strangers Episode 0: Meet The Strangers


Blam! Just like that, gang. The Strangeville podcast network gets another brand new show! Watching With Strangers is our cult movie review podcast featuring the brain pieces of our two biggest resident movie nerds, Kevin Strange and his highly educated film buff buddy, Travis!

Together they’re going to 100% school you on the best AND the worst flicks that the vaults of cult cinema history has to offer! In this introductory episode, the weird movie duo talk up each other’s film knowledge and flex their sweet street cred.

They don’t review any movies on this episode, but they do find the time to bust out some dope knowledge bombs about a choice few flicks before they go! Stay tuned for the FIRST episode where the boys will review MAD MAX: FURY ROAD! If you love weirdo movie, you do NOT want to miss THAT!

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