Every Hack Movie is Streaming for Free on Youtube

Some of you guys still aren’t aware that every single one of my movies, the feature films and the shorts-yes EVERY short film I ever made including the rare Hack Shorts that were never sold on DVD-are streaming for free on Youtube. Hell, some of you book fans aren’t even aware that I MAKE movies. So you should set aside an afternoon and check these out! If you’re a fan of B movie exploitation like Troma, you’ll love this shit!

The URL is Youtube.com/HackMoviesForLife and the list of movies, in chronological order is:

*The Pumpkin Menace (Short film 2003)

*Zombage! (Short film 2004)

*Fight Night (Short film 2005)

*Dream Reaper (Feature length film 2006)

*Dead Shit (Short film 2007)

*Colonel Kill Motherfuckers (Feature length film 2008)

*Stiff Jobs (Feature length film 2009)

*Cockhammer (Feature length film 2009)

*Nixon and Hogan Smoke Christmas (Feature length film 2010)

*Nixon and Hogan Meet Satan (Short film 2010)