Ranting At Strangers Episode 0: Why We Rant

The Strangeville Podcast network empire expands once again with our third podcast series, RANTING AT STRANGERS! That’s right, gang. It’s a trifecta of podcast freshness as Kevin Strange is joined by his trusty sidekick Ben to talk about all things heavy and intense!

These two modern day¬†Aristotles will kick back and open up their brain pieces to all manner of subjects. Any subject, really. Just as long as it can be deconstructed, reconstructed and infused with Kevin Strange’s own personal brand of weird!

In episode 0, these two knuckleheads bumble their way through their personal mission statement while vowing to fight off the evils of social justice and have a few laughs at their own suspense along the way.

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Day 2 of a Three Day Writing Binge


Today, I felt like a junkie fresh off smack. All I could think of all day was how glad I was not to be tethered directly to my phone and the internet. I know, by now it’s clich√© to complain about social media on social media. But the point stands. Not laying around scrolling through other people’s opinions of useless bullshit, pictures of their kids, and memes I’ve seen a thousand times came as a huge relief.

I’ve actually had a sense of nostalgia all day. For the time before smart phones and Facebook. Sure I’ve been connected to the net most of my life, but it’s never been as pervasive, intrusive and ever present as it is now.

When I woke up, instead of reaching over for my already blinking phone and checking the dozens of notifications across social platforms, I simply got out of bed and enjoyed a quiet, sunny morning by myself. After a few minutes, I made a list of all of the things I needed to do including my writing schedule and grocery shopping and then, in my own time, with absolutely no sense of urgency, I sat down at the laptop and got to work.

Sound like your average day? Well, it’s not mine. I can lose sometimes two, three hours returning Facebook messages, emails, snapchats and twitter DMs before I EVER EVEN GET OUT OF BED.

It’s no wonder I’m lucky to get a thousand words typed a day. I’ve already typed thousands of words for hours before I get anywhere near my current WIP.

Speaking of the WIP. Chainsaw Mantis is officially done. The first draft anyway. I pounded out more than EIGHT times my average daily word count and finished the bug book halfway through the second day of my three day writing binge.

So what does this mean for me and social media? I don’t know. There won’t be some big dramatic exit, only to have me show back up a month later doing my same 12 hours a day session like nothing every happened. But there will some marked changes in my internet habits. There has to be. My goals are a writer are lofty and I will not accomplish them posting pictures of my favorite horror movies and chatting with pretty girls on the internet all day and night.

Today was a great writing day and a great day for my mental health in general. Now it’s time to finish my night time session by getting back to work on some mutant girl smut….