Strange Sayings June Newsletter is Out!

And it is chock full of new goodness! We’ve got a brand new DOUBLE SIZED chapter of the newsletter exclusive erotic horror series DEAD DAUGHTER! Not only that, but newsletter subscribers get first dibs on a new crop of Kevin Strange paperbacks for your signed and personalized pleasure! The full list of available titles is in the newsletter so check that out along with all of the other freshness in the June issue of STRANGE SAYINGS! If you’re not currently a subscriber, just fill out the newsletter field to the right of this post and get your newsletter by clicking here!



January Strange Sayings Newsletter is out NOW!

Gang! Right at the buzzer we’ve released the Strange Sayings Newsletter for January right to your tender, loving email inboxes. This month starts a three or four month stretch of one of the kinkiest, weirdest, and sexiest novellas you’ll ever read! Kevin Strange’s DEAD DAUGHTER is his first full foray into straight up erotic fiction. DEAD DAUGHTER is the story of a girl named Katrina whose mutant powers activate during extreme arousal. Join Katrina as she fucks and sucks her way through a mysterious place called The Facility where they house other freaky mutants like her. But who is friend and who is foe, and most importantly, who fucks the best?

Dig in, gang! DEAD DAUGHTER Part 1 is chilling in your email waiting for you! Parts 2 and 3 (and maybe 4. Kevin hasn’t written the ending yet) will come out in the newsletter successively in February and March (and possibly April).

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