2021 A Strange Year In Review

What a fucking year, gang! As I type up this annual year-in-review post, I’ve just sent off a pair of my short stories to be translated into Polish for a foreign Bizarro Fiction group. 2021 also saw a resurgence of the Hack Movies brand, as I brought the DVDs and even some limited VHS out of retirement and took them on the road, hitting ten cities and conventions, introducing a whole new crop of diehard horror fans to the magic and wonder of Strangeville.

On that front, my most popular film, COCKHAMMER, was solicited for an upcoming UK film festival, proving that Strangeville never, EVER dies. Long after I’m gone, these stories will still be touching the hearts and private parts of perverts and weirdos the world over. Just as God intended!

On the comic book tip? Oh man, was 2021 a monster year! We released COCKHAMMER LIVES! the epic graphic novel sequel back in March. My black and white mini-comics NEON GUTS and NIXON AND HOGAN HATE COMICS hit at the same time, and then in the fall we dropped NIXON AND HOGAN’S HORRORWEED HALLOWEEN just in time for everyone’s favorite spooky holiday.

NIXON AND HOGAN’S BATHROOM BASTARDS dropped soon after, and I’ve finished up the year colorizing ROCCO AND SASPARILLA’S SICKMASTIME STORY and NEON GUTS for future release as full color one-shot single issue comics.

As if all that wasn’t enough, my two page toon THE CUM GARDEN was picked up by the underground fanzine FOR THE LOVE COMIX marking your boy Kevin Strange’s first ever published cartoonist credit!

I told ya’ll, it was a monster fucking year! And I can’t even tell you the biggest news of all. The ink is still wet on the biggest contract of my career, but I can’t spill the beans until the powers that be are ready so the gargantuan 2021 Strangeville news will have to wait until sometime in 2022. Believe me, I’ll drop that knowledge the very SECOND I’m allowed to blab about it!

People tell me all the time they respect my hustle and my artistic output, but the truth is I’d PAY to be able to do the cool shit I do with Strangeville every year. I don’t get the whole “ashamed artist” bit. I’m Strangeville’s biggest fan. The more shit that comes out, the more shit I get to fanboy over. I make gnarly bangers be it comics, novels or movies. I LOVE Strangeville so it’s EASY for me to crank out this madness.

But now I’m rambling. It’s been a whirlwind year, gang. And I keep tell you. We’re JUST getting started!