Old School Hack Minion Needs Our Help

Sorry for the lack of recent updates, gang! And I wish I was coming to you with better news. Nah, fuck that. There’s FAR too much amazing shit going on in Strangeville to call this a negative update.

Can you feel it? Can you feel that old magic fluttering back to life after all these years dormant inside the Earth? Hack Movies has returned after a decade!

Nothing and I mean nothing in this world fires me up and feeds me creative energy like the weird citizens of Strangeville and the laughter we create together when I start ripping that dialogue that only true Hack Minions understand!

We smashed through a thousand bucks and 60 backers for our first ever IndieGoGo campaign for DEAD SHIT: The Comic Book issues 1 and 2! Not only that, but EVERY backer got a bunch of stretch-goal goodies including a copy of my favorite Hack Movie, hell, my favorite piece of ART I’ve ever created, COCKHAMMER the DVD.

Now, a few weeks later, old school Hack Minions and brand new StrangeHeads alike have read the first two issues of DEAD SHIT and have watched COCKHAMMER and have been hitting me up quoting their favorite lines from the comics and movie and laughing. We’re laughing again, gang!

It feels so fucking good to be laughing and I promise you, ya’ll ain’t seen ANYTHING yet! Just wait till DEAD SHIT: The Comic Book issue 3 drops! You’re gonna blow out your butt-rings from laughing at how RIDICULOUS the final act double-issue of Nixon and Hogan’s comic book debut ends!

But there’s one old school Hack Minion who ain’t doing a lot of laughing lately. Lonnie, AKA Axylum my friend from way WAY back who got Hack Movies reviews up on Faygoluvers. He was such a big fan of Hack Movies, he even drove down and suffered through a panic attack to have a walk-on role in Stiff Jobs as one of the pimps shot in the head by Wolfram during one of the infamous flashback scenes.

Lonnie’s been diagnosed with cancer and he’s asking all of us citizens of Strangeville to spare a few bucks and help him mitigate his medical bills.

We gotta look out for our own, gang. We gotta keep this band of weirdos together as long as possible. If you’ve got ANY spare cash to throw ole Axylum’s way, you can hit up his GoFundme here.

And if we’re lucky, and if the movie gods see it fit, Lonnie will get through this illness and be back on that grind with a quickness!

In the meantime, pop in your copy of STIFF JOBS, laugh at the absolute absurdity of the Hack Movies universe and send some positive vibes Lonnie’s way.

Peace, gang! Stay STRAAANGE!