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Gang! HA1901350_1561168360764676_1123242969233215194_nPPY HALLOWEEN! I can’t think of a better way to spend it with you folks than to share my newest book! The Wishful Thinking anthology is the first of three Wishes books that will explore the horror, bizarro, and erotica themes of, you guessed it, wishes!

Wishful Thinking is the horror third of the series and contains stories from authors like Tiffany Scandal, (author of There’s no Happy Ending, and the short story Flat Like Ken from the Strange Sex 2 anthology) James Ward Kirk, Donald Armfield, and many more of today’s coolest horror and bizarro talents! It’s published by Fireside Press and edited by Sheila Hall and M.C. O’neill with cover design by David Anderson. Wishful Thinking is only 99 cents on Amazon Kindle, and is available right now!

My story, The Burning River, is a nasty little post apocalyptic tale of cannibalism and starvation in a world gone to shit. Here’s a little excerpt for you:

When I cleared that final hill, when I laid eyes on it for the first time, I dropped to my knees and wept.
The burning river.
After a time, I gathered myself. I trudged weak and weary to its bank.
I pulled off my gas mask. I pulled off my duster jacket. My bullet proof vest, my gloves. As I stripped before her, entranced by her majestic flow, I already felt naked.
Long before that day I’d lost my innocence. My pride. My ignorance. My pity. My compassion and empathy. I’d lost my fear, my longing. My honesty. My integrity.
My will to live was all that remained.

My group was twenty strong when we’d set out to find the burning river. Most of us didn’t believe in its magical powers, but we had nothing else. Had we stayed behind, we’d have died inside a month. We expected no salvation, yet had nothing to lose.
No comfort.
No food.
No clean water.
So we went. Toward the Burning River. Toward the cleansing. To the place where dragons pissed fire and men worthy of its power became gods.

There were no dragons. Not even fire. The burning river was pale, colorless. Like bones melted down to gooey pudding, sloshing slowly between a nuclear power plant and a chemical manufacturing facility twenty miles away. The river was a soup of radioactive waste and god only knows what else. No magic. No salvation.
I pulled off my shirt and my pants. Stood naked before her majesty. Stood naked for the first time in as long as I could remember. Stood alone for the first time since the world ended.

It wasn’t global warming, nuclear war, biological weapons. The Earth simply quit on us. Spat up its lungs and shit out its guts like a cancer. The trees fell, the grass. Gardens and farms shriveled and died like worms in the sun. Volcanoes. Earthquakes. Tsunamis.
Mass extinction level event.
The clean water stopped flowing.
Our cell phones, our twitters, our television talking head messiahs couldn’t save us.
We died.
But not all of us. Only the lucky ones.
Those of us dumb enough to live starved. Sixty days and it was all gone. Millions upon millions of gallons of bottled water, canned food, boxed dinners, preservatives, cholesterol warnings, MSG. May contain Acrylamide. May cause cancer. May cause planetary anal leakage.
All gone. Panic, looting. It was like the whole world was whacked out on some strange kind of speed. There was no tomorrow. No time to conserve. No time to ration. Eat it now, drink it now, before someone else drinks it for you. Before someone else stabs you in the fucking throat and eats your happy meal.

So pick up Wishful Thinking on Kindle today to read the rest of The Burning River and the rest of the wonderful stories in the anthology!



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