Kevin Strange’s Twitter Horror Stories Week 2

We’re back with another week’s worth of Kevin Strange Twitter horror stories, gang! This week we want to change things up and make this a little more interactive. This week, we’re adding a poll to the post so YOU can choose which Kevin Strange Twitter horror story is the best!

All you have to do is read through this week’s stories and then scroll back up to the poll and choose which one is your favorite. That simple! Let us know, gang. Which Twitter horror story is the best this week?!

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  • Story 01: “Lilly’s fear created things. For daddy, she made a thing that ate his brain spark but left his soul intact. Lilly isn’t scared anymore.”

  • Story 02: “Max knew he’d made a mistake returning to the pond that night. The red eyes didn’t scare him. It was that they were chanting his name.”

  • Story 03: “Gosh,” Mary said, laughing sadistically. “When I wished for the stars to fall, I never expected them to burn up all the other people.”

  • Story 04: “Taking control of the man’s meat-body was easier than Conrad expected. Now if he could only figure out how to make it stop bleeding…”

  • Story 05: “Thad reached through the machine vortex, unaware that the hand clutching his shoulder, keeping him from falling into the abyss was his own.”

  • Story 06: “Dementia didn’t stop Jill from enjoying life. In fact, it was the only thing that stopped the ghosts in her head from killing anyone else.”

Story 07: “The time machine took TJ to a place he never thought possible. He dropped the knife, sat next to his dying father and prayed for oblivion.”