RTS Bonus Ep: Origin Of “The Humans Under The Bed”

Welcome once again to the READING TO STRANGERS podcast! This week, Kevin Strange dives into the backstory of the current serial fiction reading on the podcast, THE HUMANS UNDER THE BED.

He talks about his inspirations for the book and why he originally wrote the book in the first place! This is a cool little bonus episode as it explores several cool little stories about a haunted hotel and the completely impossible deadline Kevin was up against when he set out to write the book.

If you’re enjoying the serialized reading of THE HUMANS UNDER THE BED on the main show, you’re sure to love this bonus flavor!

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Thanks for listening! Keep reading, gang!

Kevin Strange FINALLY joins Patreon!

Gang! We finally went and did it. We joined Patreon! I’m always hesitant to jump on new trends, but more and more creative artists are turning to Patreon’s monthly contributor model to fund their projects. After taking a look around on the site to see what tools Patreon offers, I just couldn’t avoid it any longer.

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