Psycho Spring Week 1: RobamaPocalypse

Welcome to Psycho Spring 2018, Strangeheads! Up first, we’ve got our batshit crazy giant evil robot Barack Obama zombie bizarro book! Yeah, you read that right! Giant robot Barack Obama! Click here to get ROBAMAPOCALYPSE absolutely FREE on Amazon Kindle NOW thru Tuesday April 10th!


In a dystopian future where Barack Obama is lord and emperor of the only city left on earth after the zombie apocalypse, one young man must fight his way through a tournament pitting zombie against remote controlled zombie if he hopes to stop the evil, half-cyborg dictator from destroying Steel City and the rest of the fabled Obamamerica beyond.

Time traveling terrorists, giant robot zombies made of zombies, and Barack Obama like you’ve never seen him before are but a few of the twists and turns that make Robamapocalypse one of the weirdest, most action packed bizarro stories you’ll ever lay your unsuspecting eyeballs on. This election year, Barack Obama is a giant fucking robot.