Over 9000 Downloads

Man, what a year it’s been here at the Strangeville Podcast Network! We started things off with a bang when we confronted the powers that be at Bizarrocon about banning an author from their convention for dubious reasons, kicked right into the notorious #Bizarrogate and continued to put out top quality and compelling content throughout 2017, including bringing on The Quiet Place podcast and its host Jeremy Maddux.

Amazingly you all have continued to listen throughout our journey and have made each month grow bigger than the last. I am delighted to announce that we have surpassed 9,000 downloads after less than seven months as a broadcast network. That may seem like a tiny drop to some of you, but to us it’s HUGE!

I’ve personally grinded out hour after hour behind the editing desk churning out new episodes twice, three sometimes four times weekly for you to listen to, all in the pursuit of rationality, common sense and the truth while doing my best to entertain you with exclusive audio books and cult movie reviews.

You may have noticed a slowdown at the network lately as shows have come more infrequently than they usually do. This does NOT spell the end of the SPN. Not hardly. I’m simply taking a break, recharging my batteries and reorganizing some things behind the scenes to free up more of my time to take care of my own personal health and well being.

I could continue to do 3, 4, 5 hours of content a week, but I’d be dead in 5 years. I have to put me and my health first. I’m prone to overworking myself to the detriment of my physical well being and that has to take a back seat if I hope to be able to continue to do ANY work at all.

To that end, I’ve more or less left social media again for the time being, and put most of the shows at the SPN on a temporary hold. Jeremy Maddux will continue to put out his excellent Quiet Place podcast with amazing guests like Youtuber LA Werewolf and political cartoonist Ben Garrision. While I’m on hiatus I will continue to work behind the scenes with Jeremy to help produce what I think is the best show on the network.

Reading With Strangers and Watching With Strangers will be back soon with slightly updated formats that make my recording and editing schedules easier to deal with.

We ain’t going nowhere gang. Not now, not ever. Strangeville is a state of mind, and it is here to stay!

-Kevin Strange 7/12/2017

RTS 26: Is Kevin Strange Quitting?

Join us on this very emotional episode of READING TO STRANGERS where Kevin opens up to Jeremy Maddux about some of the behind the scenes issues that have driven him to create this podcast and fight back against the social stigma pushed on him by former friends, business partners and people who once called him a close peer.

This is NOT the episode of RTS to miss, gang. Keep reading.

RTS 25: Wonderland Award Predictions

On this, the 25th episode of Reading To Strangers, The Quiet Place podcast host Jeremy Maddux subs in for regular co-host Jeremy Daniels while he’s on vacation.

Kevin and Jeremy briefly discuss current events before throwing to the 5th part of Kevin’s robot apocalypse novella COMPUTERFACE (which can be purchased on Amazon Kindle here and in paperback here.)

Back in the apocalypse, Computerface must form an uneasy alliance between himself and his human captors as the robot army closes in for the kill! Will they survive the onslaught? Tune in to find out!

As promised, after the break Kevin and Jeremy dive deep down the rabbit hole that is the Wonderland Award for Excellence in Bizarro Fiction, how it’s presented, how voting works, why these methods are flawed and much more including their predictions and analysis of each 1st ballot nominee. Click here to cast your own vote for the Wonderland award 2017. 

If you’re a fan of bizarro fiction, you NEED to listen to this episode. And don’t forget, gang, to keep reading!