WWS 16: Beastmaster Movie Review

The Strangers take a trip back to sword and sorcery land again this week as they tackle the 1982 Don Coscarelli cult classic BEASTMASTER. Kevin and Travis ponder some of the bizarre story elements such as featherless, beakless bird worshiping bird monsters who eat people through their chests, an awkward cousin romance, a confusing monarch system and much more as they send up this fantastic 80s magic and mayhem gem!

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WWS 11: Our Top 80s Cult Creatures

The Watchers are back with a special “list” episode! This week Cult author Kevin Strange and Travis, the encyclopedia Britannica of cult movies break down their favorite 7 cult creatures from the 1980s!

This bonus flavor is EXTRA packed with movie geekery. It runs OVER two hours long as the boys talk about the biggest, baddest, scariest, slimiest and sexiest movie monsters from our favorite cinematic decade, the 1980s!

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WWS 05: The Princess Bride

WATCHING WITH STRANGERS returns for our fifth episode! This week we tackle the 1987 Rob Reiner cult classic THE PRINCESS BRIDE!

Things get INCONCEIVABLE quickly as cult fiction hero Kevin Strange and Travis, the encyclopedia Britannica of cult movies basically sit and quote an entire feature length film from memory. That’s just the kind of flick THE PRINCESS BRIDE is. The boys throw plenty of little known factoids into the mix and yet again find a way to bring the whole thing back to Fred Dekker on this classic episode of WATCHING WITH STRANGERS!

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