Buy Chainsaw Mantis Day was a Resounding Success!

Gang, I am so humbled! It’s been a long month of promotion. I know you guys get sick of seeing all the social media posts and whatnot. I know you’re just as tired of seeing stuff about this book every day as I am of posting it (that’s a lie. I could talk about this book all year!) But all of that hard work has paid off!

Our goal for this #BuyChainsawMantisDay campaign was to get the new book into the top 100 horror on Amazon Kindle. We broke through the 300s in horror and into the 100s in Post-Apocalyptic books. I’ll fucking take it, gang! That’s a win in my book if I’ve ever seen one.


But even cooler than THAT, and this part I wasn’t expecting, is we managed to push MURDER STORIES FOR YOUR BRAIN PIECE into the top 60 in Kindle short story collections! I didn’t even decide to put these other two books on sale for 99 cents until the last second before the promotion started.


And coolest of all, VAMPIRE GUTS IN NUKE TOWN, the book that stars my favorite all time Strangeverse character, Guts, smashed and chopped its way to number 100 in vampire fiction and NUMBER ONE in hot new (re)releases!


Wow! And this is all thanks to the groundswell of support we received from you guys all across social media. You guys! The Strangeheads made all this happen! Friends and fans from all over the world have been texting and chatting with me about reading the new book. People I’ve known for years grabbed these 99 cent deals and told me they’re reading their very first StrangeBook.

I couldn’t be more humbled. You guys are the fucking best fans a weirdo like me could ask for. I’m going to go work on some more Strange Fiction for you now.

Thanks so much. 🙂