RTS 23: Debate Me, Bro!

On this extra-long episode of READING TO STRANGERS Kevin and Jeremy chit-chat for a bit about all the drama from former FBI director James Comey’s recent hearing, the British elections and then set up this week’s COMPUTERFACE segment.¬†(COMPUTERFACE can be purchased on Amazon Kindle here and in paperback here.)

Computerface finds himself captured by a small group of human resistance fighters who believe him to be a part of the machine army. Will they kill him where he stands, or is the information about the Quiet Land that they believe resides inside his head too important to go to waste? Find out this week on part three of COMPUTERFACE!

After the break, the boys talk about Kevin’s recent post about Wonder Woman and then move on to the main topic of this week’s show: The retarded debate Kevin had with Christoph Paul, Jeff Burk and their lackies on the John Podesta Pizza Party Podcast thread on Facebook.

Will Kevin accept the debate challenge presented by no less than 5 different people? Tune in this week to find out and remember gang, keep reading!

RTS 21: The Origin Of Computerface

Welcome back, gang! In celebration of our 5,000th download as a network, we’ve brought a special guest into the Strangeville studios. None other than Travis, the Encyclopedia Britannica of cult movies himself ¬†from the WATCHING WITH STRANGERS podcast joins the program to talk all things Strange Fiction!

Kevin rants about people making excuses for not reading while wasting their time on mindless cell-phone games and social media meme posting. Then he goes on a bizarre rant about Pepe the meme frog before finally delving into the origin of his killer robot novella COMPUTERFACE (which can be purchased on Amazon Kindle here and in paperback here.)

After that, the boys throw to PART 1 of the COMPUTERFACE audio book. After the break, Kevin tells the glorious story of a social justice warrior trying to publicly shame him on social media after Kevin shared a link about a prominent horror website’s hiring and firing practices based on political affiliation which quickly degenerated into an advertising plug for all things Strangeville.

That about wraps it up for this week gang. Join us next week for COMPUTERFACE part 2 and more hilarious tales from small press social media. Till then, remember to keep reading!