Kevin Strange on Surreal Sermons Parts 1 and 2


Hey gang, welcome back to! We hope your holiday was full of awesome, or at least sufficiently full of enough alcohol to numb your existential nightmare. Either way, we’re back to offer you another dose of the Strange One! We promised you a hard hitting, no-holds-barred interview with Jeremy Maddox over at the Surreal Sermons podcast and boy did we deliver!

This podcast is so big, and covers so many topics in detail, it had to be cut into two parts which are both ready for your listening pleasure, and also include other larger than life Bizarro fiction personalities such as Danger Slater, Michael Allen Rose, and Kevin L. Donihe!

The first installment can be streamed or downloaded here, and the concluding episode here.

We hope you enjoy the shows, gang. Have a great New Year. We’ll see you back here in January with the new issue of the STRANGE SAYINGS newsletter as well as the return of Kevin’s own vidcast, STRANGE THE WORLD!