Kevin Strange’s I Love You, Daddy Movie Review

Louis CK fancies himself a modern auteur. After shooting his web series Horace and Pete in secret, using black and white photography and featuring European style long monologues with sparce editing and winning a Peabody award and primetime Emmy nominations, Louis decided to go back to the well and try again.
He shot his new film I Love You, Daddy much the same way, in secret and in black and white. I Love You Daddy is stylized with old timey title cards and an orchestral score giving it an early 1900s film feel.
Only it’s not a quaint old film at all. It’s a raunchy modern comedy that pushes the edge so hard, I am calling it the single most provocative, non-pc film of the decade.
I Love You, Daddy is about a tv writer/producer named Glen (played by Louis CK) who is treading water in the industry. He’s already won his accolades and his awards, has had shows on TV consistently for years and is, at this point, just signing contracts for new shows just to sign them.
His life is turned upside down when the potential star of his new show (played by ) invites him and his teenage daughter China (played by ) to a party in the Hollywood Hills. At this party is a man named┬áLeslie Goodwin, a famous film director and Glen’s filmmaking idol.