Kevin Strange Returns To The Bizzong Podcast


Every great story has a great villain. This week, Bizzong gets its great villain, Kevin Strange. That’s right, the evil Bizarre and Cult fiction writer returns to Bizzong! to talk about his new book I DIED IN A BED OF ROSES. Mr. Frank also has some candid discussion about his break with the Bizarro scene and his search for new readership.

You can hit play. The choice is yours. I assure you, its probably not as bad as you think. Of course, it could be much worse. Only one way to find out Zongers!

Click here to listen to Kevin Strange’s return to Bizzong!

*Update* IDIABOR Public Pre-Order Now Available


The paperbacks are in from the printer and WILL ship out the same day ordered

Gang! If you’re a STRANGE SAYINGS newsletter subscriber, then you’ve had the pre-order link for Kevin Strange’s new mutant romance novel I DIED IN A BED OF ROSES for nearly a week.

Now it’s time to unleash the newest devastation straight from the mind of Strangeville onto the rest of the world. That’s right, the public pre-order is now available!

So what do you get for ordering IDIABOR from the Strange Fiction Square Store? For 15 dollars postage paid, you get the brand new novel signed and personalized straight from the Strangevillain himself! That’s right, postage paid! All pre-orders ship the week of March 12th. Click Here To Pre-Order the paperback. Click here to Pre-Order on Kindle.

If that alone isn’t enough to get your trigger fingers clicking the pre-order link, maybe the full cover art from kinkmaster William Skaar, and the first chapter and the book synopsis will jump start that twitchy little bitch?

Click Here To Download the First Chapter as a PDF

Synopsis: Cult horror filmmaker Brian Sully has isolated himself to a simple life on the Oregon coast after being publicly shamed by the lead actress of his most recent B-Movie monster flick for sending her pictures of his dick. Brian’s years of isolation have left him on the brink of suicide.

But after his best friend and producer books him at a 20th anniversary horror festival honoring their first feature film, Brian Sully’s life is about to change. Is true love real? What if you fell in love with something not quite… Human? Would you pursue it? Would you let anything stop you? Even death?

I DIED IN A BED OF ROSES is Kevin Strange’s first ever crack at the paranormal romance genre. But if you’re expecting a mushy love story, well, you don’t know Kevin Strange!

Click Here To Pre-Order I Died In A Bed Of Roses (Paperback signed and personalized)

Click Here To Pre-Order On Kindle

I Died In A Bed Of Roses Cover Reveal In This Month’s Newsletter

GANG! Holy shit, it’s here!

Last year I flew up to Oregon and marathon wrote a novel in a beach house. When I got up there, I had nothing but a vague idea of a weird love story between the unlikeliest of people.

When I left, I had the manuscript for I DIED IN A BED OF ROSES. I knew I had something special, something unlike I’d ever written before. I had a Kevin Strange paranormal romance on my hands! What the hell was I going to do with THIS?

I got into contact with a cover artist I’d been aware of for a hot minute. A guy I knew could bring the thunder when it came to kinky chick covers. I contacted the one and only William Skaar, creator of Carnigor!

We chatted back and forth for a while, kicked around a few concepts and ideas and I have to say this turned out to be one of my FAVORITE Strange Fiction covers EVER!

But I’ve set it up enough, gang. I’m just here to let you know that TOMORROW 3/2/17, we’ll be launching the pre-order, the cover reveal AND releasing the first chapter of this mutant love story through the STRANGE SAYINGS NEWSLETTER straight to your inbox!

All pre-orders come signed, personalized and shipped for 15 dollars postage paid and will ship out in the month of March!

Get hype gang! The era of ROSES is upon us!