#ShareKevinStrangeDay This Saturday Sept 9th

Gang! We need your help! Social Media is a vast and unforgiving place. Posts get lost almost as soon as they appear. We need YOU to help US make Kevin Strange’s new serialized hardcore horror novella go viral!

SHE WAS ONLY A CLOWN, the newest demented horror offering from Kevin Strange will be presented right here on KevinTheStrange.com absolutely free in weekly installments starting this Saturday, September 9th!

We’re calling it #ShareKevinStrangeDay, as in, we need YOU to share this page on Saturday and make sure all of your friends know to swing by here and read chapter 1. We know 1 chapter is all it’s going to take to hook em on this twisted clown story, if you can just get them to click on the link!

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We want HUNDREDS of new eyeballs on this book. This is THE book for folks brand new to Kevin Strange fiction. That’s why we’re giving it away for free. Call it a gateway drug, if you will, into the mind of Strangeville.

Will you step up to the task and terrify your friends? Will you give them a life-long fear of clowns? We hope so! #ShareKevinStrangeDay!

RTS 05: H.P. Lovecraft’s Racism

The Strangeville train just keeps on a-rollin, gang! New month, new serialized audio book and NEW controversial topic to discuss! Since February is black history month, the boys could think of no better topic to put in the forefront than the new whipping boy of the social justice literary community: H.P. Lovecraft.

In this episode, Kevin and Jeremy discuss Lovecraft’s racist views, how they affected his fiction, and whether or not his influence and works should be banned from public consumption.

But first they introduce this week’s reading! This week on RTS, we debut Kevin Strange’s Lovecraftian novella MCHUMANS. Ricky, Chef, and the rest of the gang are tasked with providing Lord Cthulhu with catering for his big ritual ceremony wherein he intends to bring the rest of the Elder Gods back to this plane!

The boys finish the episode by prepping fans for next week’s episode: The internet’s┬áracist smear campaign against Lovecraft!