Final Day for 99 Cent Kevin Strange Books

The Gkevinthestrangelogo4oodreads bizarro author of the month is going strong, gang! Here are a few things being said about MURDER STORIES FOR YOUR BRAIN PIECE as folks finish up the first of two group reads of Kevin Strange books this month:

“Just finished reading and loved it. Loved the story notes after too.”

“Finished the last story in the collection: “Inside An Asshole.” Wow. That is one of the darkest and most intense pieces I’ve read. I don’t recall getting that feeling of such compelling but frightening sensations since I read all of Dennis Cooper’s work some years back. Especially in the sections where he combats the mind worms with the memories of all the awful things the Ted Bundy-like narrator has done. Such an extreme and original collection of stories, Kevin Strange. I’d have to put “Inside An Asshole” and “I Killed Jessica, Again” at an exact tie for my favorites, but I enjoyed all of them.”

“I just finished the book, it’s my first time reading anything by Kevin Strange and WOW! What a strong collection! I really enjoyed everything especially I Killed Jessica, Again and Inside an Asshole. Also those poor poor Glutoids 🙁 Hopefully you’ll write a followup where they get their revenge on the child-god.”

Pretty cool, huh? Today is the LAST day to grab MURDER STORIES and the next group reads book, co-written by bizarro-comedy master Danger Slater, STRANGER DANGER for only 99 cents. Tomorrow they jump back up to regular price! Grab em quick, and jump into the group reads threads on Goodreads to let everyone else know what you think, and ask the authors anything you want about the books.


99 cent Kevin Strange Books

Gangkevinthestrangelogo4, it’s January 1st! Happy New Year! That means it’s time for the first of two author of the month group reads over in the bizarro fiction group on Goodreads! As we told you before, the month of January is Kevin Strange month! There are two group reads this month along with a follow up AMA to ask Kevin about the crazy shit you just read, his writing methods, or why he writes such sick shit in the first place.

To make things easier on you guys, Rooster Republic/StrangeHouse Books has reduced the price of the two books in question to 99 cents! You can grab MURDER STORIES FOR YOUR BRAIN PIECE here, and STRANGER DANGER here. Both for just a buck!

Read up, gang and be sure to hit the GoodReads book of the month group reads page to talk along with your fellow readers about the weird, wild ride you’re about to take for less than the cost of a cup of Starbucks coffee!