Free Kevin Strange Day coming April 15th 2016

freekevinstrangedayGang! While every other website is trying to fool you today, we’re coming with some devastatingly awesome REAL news! #FreeKevinStrangeDay is coming in just two weeks on Friday, April 15th 2016!

What the fuck is #FreeKevinStrangeDay you ask? Simple! Absolutely every Kevin Strange digital book will be FREE on Amazon Kindle for one day only! Everything! Including Kevin’s brand new novel TEXAS CHAINSAW MANTIS will be available to download to your Kindle, tablet, cell phone, or PC at no cost to you for 24 hours!

That’s 11 digital titles including COTTON CANDY, ROBAMAPOCALYPSE, VAMPIRE GUTS IN NUKE TOWN, MCHUMANS, COMPUTERFACE, MURDER STORIES FOR YOUR BRAIN PIECE, and so many more whacked out Kevin Strange titles! EVERYTHING IS FREE ON #FreeKevinStrangeDay!

Tell your friends! Tell your mom! Have that one weirdo in your life that you KNOW would love Kevin Strange Fiction if only they’d actually crack one open and give it a chance? Make sure their eyes are peeled right here at on Friday April 15th 2016 to participate in this freshness! Go! Tell em about it now! What are you waiting for, gang! #FreeKevinStrangeDay!

Win a FREE copy of Kevin Strange’s Texas Chainsaw Mantis!

Chainsaw-Mantis-Colored5-194x300 (1)Gang! The promotional machine for my new novel TEXAS CHAINSAW MANTIS is in full swing and copies are flying off the virtual shelves! Reviews are coming in and the consensus is clear. This is one of the WEIRDEST books I’ve ever written and that’s saying something considering my catalog.

If you’re still on the fence about scooping this new one up, your indecisive ass is in luck! We’re giving away a few paperback copies over on the ole  If you don’t know what Goodreads is all about, it’s a social networking site for book lovers. You can add your favorite books, rate them, review them and share that shit with your book buds.

Another cool part about it is us author types can hold contests and whatnot to give away promotional copies and other swag. So that’s what I’m doing. Get on over there and sign up! And if you’ve already picked up the book piece, be sure to rate and review that sucker on Goodreads AND Amazon!

Thanks for all your support, gang! I’ll have some big news on a TEXAS CHAINSAW MANTIS book signing tour coming up in the next few days. Look for that, and good luck winning yourselves a free book you cheap asses! 😉