Wishing Weird anthology featuring poetry by Kevin Strange out now on Amazon

wishing weirdYes, gang. You read that right! I wrote a POEM for the Wishing Weird, the second book in the Wishes anthology series! In fact, I was driving home from the very first horror con I’d ever attended for an entire weekend as just a fan (I’ve been a vendor selling movies and books at more than 50) when I received a social media notification that the call for submissions, particularly for poetry had been sent out for the second Wishes book.

I really like the energy the Fireside Press peeps, Sheila Hall and M.C. O’Neil put off. They’d included my story THE BURNING RIVER in their first Wishes book, paid me quickly and sent out contributor copies without hesitation. I like that shit. You never know when or if a small press publisher is going to go up in flames, but Fireside Press burns bright by its own light. (see what I did there?)

Anyway, so I’d never written a poem before. I was driving and thinking about how much I like the Fireside folks. I hate poetry. I mean I really do. Literary people are mostly a snobbish, stuck up, intolerant bunch, and nothing is more snobby to me than adults writing poetry.

But somehow, a poem just crept into my head and laid root right there as I was driving down the highway. Slowly at first. Just a couple of lines. It was like a dark and twisted Shel Silverstein poem but still full of the same wit and wonder. Then I remembered how much I absolutely LOVED his poems when I was a kid and I relaxed and let the poem finish in my head. I laughed out loud at how ridiculous it was. But I loved it the more I thought about the imagery and how well it would fit a book called The Wishing Weird.

I repeated it out loud about twenty times till I had it memorized. Then, when I got home from the con, I dropped all of my bags right there in the kitchen, pulled out my laptop and wrote the poem then and there so I didn’t forget it.

Luckily they accepted it. 🙂

Anyway, that book is out now on Kindle for just $1.99 and paperback for $7.99. Pick it up and give it a go. You won’t be disappointed.

Happy Halloween from Kevin Strange!

10398558_71169678097_5531765_nGang! It’s here! The most powerful night for ghosts and ghouls of the entire year! HALLOWEENTIME! To celebrate, I dug into the fiction archives here at KevinTheStrange.com and pulled out a nice little horror story for your eyeball pieces to munch on! It was originally published last year along side some of my rad friends like The Sisters of Slaughter, Michelle Garza and Melissa Lason in an anthology called Wishes from Fireside Press. You can pick up the whole thing right here!

But I’m not here to sell you a book today. I’m here to satiate your sweet tooth for fucked up fiction! The Burning river is your free Halloween jam and it’s about a post apocalyptic world where a cannibal named Cockbiter and the rest of the poor, starving survivors try to locate a mythical river supposedly full of magical powers. Peep it for FREE below!!!

The Burning River by Kevin Strange


When I cleared that final hill, when I laid eyes on it for the first time, I dropped to my knees and wept.

The burning river.

After a time, I gathered myself. I trudged weak and weary to its bank.

I pulled off my gas mask. I pulled off my duster jacket. My bullet proof vest, my gloves. As I stripped before her, entranced by her majestic flow, I already felt naked.

Long before that day I’d lost my innocence. My pride. My ignorance. My pity. My compassion and empathy. I’d lost my fear, my longing. My honesty. My integrity.

My will to live was all that remained.

My group was twenty strong when we’d set out to find the burning river. Most of us didn’t believe in its magical powers, but we had nothing else. Had we stayed behind, we’d have died inside a month. We expected no salvation, yet had nothing to lose.

No comfort.

No food.

No clean water.

So we went. Toward the Burning River. Toward the cleansing. To the place where dragons pissed fire and men worthy of its power became gods.

(Click here to read the rest of the story in PDF format!)