RTS: #BizarroGate Podcast Update 01

Gang, as the #BizarroGate story continues to unfold, some questions are answered and more are raised. Jeremy and Kevin remain ever vigilant in their effort to expose hypocrisy, nepotism and special treatment while holding the bizarro fiction community to their own impossible standards.

This is a hard job, gang, but someone’s got to do it. The READING TO STRANGERS podcast is dedicated to answering every single question that’s been raised in this bizarre and troublesome situation.

With that said, today’s special report brings us up to date on all things #BizarroGate. If you have information that could lead to any of the pertinent questions in this situation being answered, do not hesitate to contact us at Facebook.com/ReadingToStrangers. We will always keep your identity secret. We protect our sources.

Thanks gang and remember, keep reading!

#BizarroGate: 4 Important Questions *UPDATEDX5*

Gang, we first broke the bombshell sex scandal story rocking the bizarro fiction community on the READING TO STRANGERS podcast on 2/2/17, but we wanted to make a quick guide to share with people who are confused or skeptical about the events that are unfolding before our eyes.

See someone on social media who doesn’t understand what #BizarroGate is? Share a link to this page with them. Here are the 4 most important questions about #BizarroGate:

1. Did an admin of the BizarroCon Facebook page delete the alleged victim’s father’s website link? If so, why? If so, will said admin be reprimanded for their actions? UPDATE: It has come to our attention that the father of the alleged victim attempted to post his website link to the BIZARRO FANS Facebook group one week ago. The link was deleted and the father was blocked from the group. Who admins for this group? Why are they suppressing this father’s story? Will they be reprimanded for their actions?

UPDATE 2/5/17: The admin of the bizarro fans FB group deleted a post made by the alleged perpetrator. The admin stated that he did not want personal issues discussed in the group and took responsibility for deleting the alleged victim’s father’s post as well. The admin stated that he banned the father because the father has no interest in bizarro fiction. More as this situation continues to develop.


2. Do the owners of the bizarro small press which employs him disavow the alleged perpetrator or stand in solidarity with him as their head editor? If so, why? Do they believe in #YesAllWomen or not? UPDATE: The alleged perpetrator is no longer editing for this bizarro press as of 2/3/17. 

3. Were the promoters of BizarroCon aware of the alleged perpetrator’s criminal sexual history before BizarroCon 2016? If so, why was he allowed to attend the convention? Will he be banned from future BizarroCons? If not, why not?

4. Why didn’t Brian Keene break the story on his podcast? (He’s had the information since 1/23/17.) Will he cover the story now? If not, why not? UPDATE: Brian has blocked both Jeremy and I on Twitter and, as of 2/4/17 has yet to, to our knowledge, make a public statement concerning #BizarroGate. 

UPDATE 2/9/17: Brian Keene covered extensively the allegations against the #BizarroGate author/editor at the center of the controversy on his show THE HORROR SHOW WITH BRIAN KEENE’S 2/9/17 broadcast. He has also unblocked us from Twitter.