WWS 15: Battle Royale Movie Review

We travel overseas to Japan this week to review the ultra-violent cult classic BATTLE ROYALE! Listen as Kevin and Travis peel the metaphorical layers back on this controversial film about school kids massacring each other on a deserted island.

We also travel back to yester-year, before anime was as mainstream in the West as McDonalds and apple pie, back to the 90s when watching flicks like this required some real sleuth skills and cult movie knowledge.

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WWS 14: Nemesis Movie Review

Gang! We’ve got a whopper for you this week! I’m talking about Albert Pyun’s batshit crazy 1992 sequel to the Jean Claude Van Damme vehicle CYBORG. I’m talking about none other than robot Tim Thomerson’s NEMESIS!

Terminator and Blade Runner spawned an entire genre of cyber punk, dystopian apocalypse style knock-offs but Pyun’s NEMESIS is absolutely one of the coolest of them all.

Listen to Kevin and Travis geek the fuck out about all the insanity on this week’s WATCHING WITH STRANGERS podcast and remember, gang! Keep Watching!

WWS 12: The Void Movie Review

We’ve got a special treat for you this week, gang! Kevin and Travis review the BRAND NEW Lovecraftian horror throwback flick THE VOID!

The boys start with a completely spoiler free review for all those cats still on the fence about whether or not to see this super gory monster flick. They give their first impressions and film scores before diving in to the spoiler heavy portion of the show.

Did they love this homage to 80s creature features or is it another tired bore of a flick trying to capitalize off the glory days of horror cinema?

Find out on this week’s free WATCHING WITH STRANGERS podcast!

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