All Kevin Strange Books Now Available (again) in Paperback

twoforthreeGang! Big news from Strangeville today! We’ve stocked up our Square Store with the ENTIRE print catalog of Kevin The Strange Fiction novels, novellas and short story collections! All ten Kevin Strange books are available to purchase on Amazon and on our Square Store. That’s  Robamapocalypse, Cotton Candy, Vampire Guts in Nuke town, Last Gig on Planet Earth, McHumans, The Humans Under the Bed, Computerface, Murder Stories for Your Brain Piece, Inside an Asshole (limted to 50 signed and numbered copies) and Texas Chainsaw Mantis.

If you buy them from the Square Store, they come signed, personalized and shipped directly to you from The Strange One himself. But that’s not all! We’ve also added some bundle deals for those of you who like to buy in bulk. We’ve got a three for two deal, a five books for 40 bucks deal, or if you want the ENTIRE Kevin Strange literary collection, you can buy all TEN books for just 75 dollars!

Be sure to include the titles of the books you want in any of the deal packages in the notes of your purchase. Happy shopping, gang!

Introducing the Square Store on

You ever find yocollectordeal01urself wanting to buy some Kevin Strange fiction, but decide, “Nah. I’ll wait till he comes through town on a tour so I can get my books signed.” Well, you’re not alone, but we’ve found a solution that we think works for everyone. While Kevin gets his brain piece back to healthy, he’s staying off the road, chilling at home, writing more of these crazy books for you Strange Heads. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get his books in a timely fashion. And now, with our brand new Square Store, you don’t even have to lose out on getting your books signed and personalized!

The Square Store is just as easy and safe to use as Paypal, but it’s way cooler, in our opinion. Right now we’ve even got a cool collector special going on. You can buy Kevin’s brand new novel TEXAS CHAINSAW MANTIS, and his limited edition novella INSIDE AN ASSHOLE both signed, personalized and shipped directly to you for only 20 bucks!

Check out our square store here: and pick up some fresh ass Strange Fiction!