The Quiet Place Ep 02: I Dream Of Brian Keene

Jeremy Maddux goes full-on Howard Beale on a variety of topics, including the myth of toxic masculinity, scientific journals being full of shit, a politician laying the smackdown on a reporter and a slightly ‘meh’ response to Brian Keene excoriating him.

Jeremy Maddux’s Quiet Place Podcast Episode 1

The Strangeville podcast network is proud to present social commentator and provocateur Jeremy Maddux’s brand new podcast THE QUIET PLACE.

Jeremy Maddux emerges from his self imposed exile from Bizarro but doesn’t plan on staying long. He offers his opinion on Brian Keene’s recent despicable comments about Craig Spector, the cringe factor that has infected a once great genre and strange examples of groupthink. This is not a safe space, but a Quiet Place.

Kevin’s Response To Delusional Social Justice Bizarro *UPDATED*

Hi, my name is Kevin Strange and this is the kind of delusional bullshit I have to put up with if I log into social media:

Where to even begin with you, sir?

1. Notice that by calling me desperate and despicable, you’re employing SJW tactic number 1: Attack my virtue while at the same time, virtue signaling your own ass off with your “honored” bullshit? SJWs aren’t virtuous. You’re liars. That’s why you have to overcompensate so much by virtue signaling. A little Strange life advice: Be a good person instead of pretending to be one on the internet.

2. I actually have TWO Brian Keene book jacket blurbs which I’ve never used. He gave them to me publicly on his show. If you were a real Keene fan, you’d have listened to that episode. So you use his blurb for personal gain and I don’t. That’s checkmate. But let’s keep going, this is great practice for real arguments with actual alpha males.

3. Calling me despicable for RESPONDING to a public banning? Maybe you didn’t listen to that episode of the horror show either. I was publicly called out on Keene’s podcast and I publicly responded. I don’t need ANYONE’S permission to do that.

4. What does it say about you that you know my every move and comment while you virtue signal to a famous author whose blurb you use on your book cover for personal gain but don’t actually follow closely enough to know points 2 and 3?

5. Am I REALLY desperate by calling Brian out by name? Let’s look at FACTS:


Our friendly neighborhood Social Justice Bizarro claims these are fake stats. No proof, mind you. Just a baseless accusation after clearly not, you know, going to himself to verify the numbers.

So I’ll include the Alexa links here myself. My bad. I should have known I’d be accused of lying since SJWs always lie and always project their dishonesty onto others.

Also worth noting: I did not give him permission to use my name publicly “for his own personal glory” which is his entire reason for calling me out on social media in the first place. SJWs are hypocrites. 

My web traffic statistics

Brian Keene’s web traffic statistics

You can click those links, install the Alexa tool bar, send smoke signals to it, play it a pretty song, wear a giant pussy on your head and march in protest against it, but those are the numbers, gang. Indisputable. 

*End Update*

My website has nearly twice the traffic Brian’s has (because I keep kicking your fucking asses with logic and common sense and the writing community at large keeps coming here to see you continue to make fools of yourselves.) So if a name is being used to generate traffic, it would have to be mine, right?

6. Bizarro fiction is on notice. Daddy’s home. 😉