***SUBMISSIONS OPENING SOON*** will soon begin taking submissions for weird, bizarre, cult, extreme horror and dark sci-fi/fantasy short stories between 500-3000 words. We are looking for raw, fucked up, violent, psychologically unsettling, politically incorrect, paranoid, and dread-inducing original works of fiction to be published online at’s forthcoming guest fiction section.

*We are interested in strong narrative stories which include interesting and weird characters who experience clear and unusual story arcs.

*We are interested in clearly developed bizarre worlds unlike anything the reader has ever imagined.

*We are interested in plots which keep us enthralled and constantly challenge our expectations.

*We are NOT interested in experimental, stream-of-consciousness “alt-lit” gibberish. Save that for your intro to creative writing college course, bucko.

PAYMENT: 1 cent per word paid in full upon acceptance. Paid through Paypal.

RIGHTS: wants first publishing rights for a period of 6 months after which the author is free to publish their story anywhere else with the understanding that it will remain in print on KTS as long as this website exists. We would like for any re-prints of the story to include credit to KTS for publishing it here first, but this is not a requirement.

FORMATTING: Please send stories as attachments. Any story submitted in-line in an email will be discarded without being read and without an accompanying rejection letter. Please use Times font, 12 point, double spaced, NO spaces between paragraphs, and send as a Microsoft Word .DOC or .DOCX document. Stories submitted in any other format will be discarded without being read and without an accompanying rejection letter.

Reading Period: Submission windows will be short as we will only have small opportunities to read though submissions each period. NO STORY WILL BE READ before the end of the submission period. The submission period will be followed by a one month reading period. If you have not received a rejection or acceptance email 30 days after the submission period has ended, feel free to query about your submission. Any queries received during the submission period will result in your story being discarded without response.

Reprints/Simultaneous Subs/Etc: We are currently not accepting reprinted stories. Simultaneous submissions are fine as long as you notify us upon acceptance from another market before we accept your story. Please limit to one story submission per open period. If you send multiple stories during the same reading period, all stories will be discarded without being read and without response.

SPECIAL NOTE: Absolutely no attention will be given to the author’s social media profile. No pressure from social media outrage mobs will persuade to remove published stories by authors who have been or who will in the future be found guilty of wrongthink by Facebook or Twitter community gatekeepers and censors. Save your outrage for someone who gives a fuck. We publish great fiction. We are not a social club.