She Was Only A Clown Chapters 44 And 45

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Chapter 44

Elwood pleasured Kiana for a long time. He was relieved that he found her sexually attractive. More relieved than he’d expected to be. He’d been shy and awkward and ugly his entire life. He’d never even considered the possibility of bringing another human being physical pleasure. But being inside of the mind of the Entity had changed him. He was only just beginning to realize how much.

After, they lay together in each other’s arms, stewing in each other’s fluids. Eventually Kiana looked up in Elwood’s face. “I was gonna kill you, ya know?”

Elwood smiled. “When?”

When you first pulled out your little dick. I was thinking about biting it off. I ain’t never bit no dick off before. Figured since I’m technically dead anyway, might as well make my last rodeo something to remember.”

Elwood laughed hard enough that his chest made Kiana’s head bounce up and down. “Well, why didn’t you?”

Shoot,” she said, finally lifting her body off his. “Once I remembered you could make your wiener as big as you wanted I knew I was in for a hell of a show.”

So since I made you cum a bunch, you don’t want to kill me anymore?”

Fuck yeah I still wanna kill you, man,” she said, stretching her arms above her head, deep smile creeping across her face. “But it wouldn’t be any fun if I told you when.”

I’ll try to keep that in mind,” Elwood said, standing. “Now we’ve got to get to work.”

What’d you have planned, sugar?” Kiana asked, standing up on wobbly legs. She put her hands out to keep her balance so she wouldn’t go toppling over into one of the gross people-pods all around her feet.

Elwood reached into the soupy pink liquid of the flesh-pod nearest to him, his astral hand passing right through the cloudy shell. He fished around for a moment, then pulled out a shimmering thread that looked like the one he’d laid for Kiana to follow inside the psychic storm. “I’ve been laying these all throughout this hive. While you were in the storm. While you and I were inside your nightmare. I’ve been here, connecting each of these pods together with my mental threads.”

Ok,” Kiana said, crossing her arms, puzzled look on her face. “Why?”

At first I didn’t know. I only had this vague, murky notion that I should be doing it. The Entity did everything it could to keep the memory of its weakness away from me. But I dug and dug inside its mind until I found what I was looking for.”

And that is?” Kiana said, her looking of puzzlement already turning to boredom.

A device was laid inside this thing’s body many hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of years ago. It’s a device that’s withstood time, space and all of the alien’s powers. A device that will destroy the Entity from the inside out, giving it no hope of regeneration. I found it and I’ve connected it to every pod inside this tentacle. If I had the time, I’d connect every single body stored here, but I don’t. I think what I’ve done will be enough.”

So there’s a bomb in here and you’re going to blow us up? You really think that’s going to work?” Kiana asked, indignant.

I know it will. That’s what it was designed to do. Come with me. I’ll show you how to set it off in case we get separated or something happens to me.”

Why would something happen to you?” Kiana asked, following closely behind Elwood as he tracked his mind-thread across the vast expanse of flesh-pods.

Elwood didn’t answer.


So,” Kiana said, trailing a bit behind Elwood, seemingly lost in thought. “Let me see if I’ve got all this straight.”

Ok,” Elwood said, slowing down his pace.

We’re dead.”

Correct. Or as good as. The entity would keep our minds alive inside these creatures forever if we allowed it to live. It would suck the life-essences out of every human on planet Earth, then consume the whole world itself before moving on to another solar system to feed again.”

Uh, huh,” Kiana said, looking more confused than before. “And… This is real-space now? In here? We’re actually walking around inside its body? This isn’t some mind illusion or nightmare?”

That’s right.”

And we’re thousands of miles above Earth? Floating out in space?”


But we can still shape-shift and fly around and do all that cool shit we were doing inside the psychic storm. I don’t understand.”

One of the entity’s powers is the ability to occupy many dimensions at once. It’s what protected it against Thalos’s weaponry the day 917416 created it. These projections of our mind that we’ve created exist outside our own dimension, but we are able to manipulate matter here.”

Ok, lost me. I’ll just shut the fuck up.”

Think of us as ghosts.”

Kiana leaped in excitement. “We’re fuckin’ ghosts! Like poltergeists?!”


Fucking rad.”


After a time walking in silence, Elwood stopped. “It’s just over the next hill.”

He made it sound like it was right around the corner, but the hill in question was the size of a mountain and lay some dozens of miles across the redish fleshy landscape.

That’s when a weird thing happened.

Kiana noticed, subtly at first, that the pink fluid inside the pods began to bubble. Elwood didn’t seem to notice, or if he did, he didn’t seem to care. Kiana kept an eye on the fluid as they continued forward through the endless gargantuan tentacle. Every pod they passed bubbled when they got close to it. After a time, the bubbles turned into a gentle jostling. Then a roiling.

Uh, Mr. Elwood. Something’s… not right.”

Suddenly the fetus-like creature inside one of the boiling pods slammed its face against the container’s lid and screamed. Its face was plain, male, with a wide-set mouth and eyes. It was saying something Kiana couldn’t quite understand.

Then the creature in the next pod, and the pod after that did the same thing, jamming their faces violently against their lids. By the time she saw five or six of the little weirdos screaming from their pods she realized they all possessed the same face.

That’s when she understood what they were saying.

They were all screaming a name.


Chapter 45

Who the fuck is that?” Kiana yelled, frantic, but Elwood was ignoring her. His pace quickened. He was running now. “Why are they screaming your name? Elwood? Answer me, god damnit!”

We’re too late,” he said as two thin stick-like protrusions grew slowly from his shoulder blades. The protrusions unfurled revealing themselves as a pair of bat-like wings.

Kiana was just able to yelp and dive forward, catching Elwood by the ankle as he launched himself off the tentacle floor, high into the air. She clung to his leg, cursing and screaming as Elwood gained speed, rushing forward as fast as he could.

But he’d been right. It was already too late.

Below them, lids by the dozens exploded from the pods. Pink fluid gushed into the air, defying gravity if such a thing had even existed inside the titan alien.


Dozens became hundreds of fetus creatures with the same ugly face all screaming at Elwood in unison.

No matter how fast Elwood sped, the pods below them erupted at an even greater pace until the entire floor in front of Elwood and Kiana resembled a great tsunami of pink fluid, cutting off any more forward progress.

Elwood was forced to stop. Flapping his new bat wings, he kept himself and Kiana hovering in mid air in front of the massive wave of fetus-creatures blocking their path.

Kiana scrambled up his back, throwing her arms around his neck as the ferocious wall of liquid in front of them roared. The fetus-things within all swam towards its center. Thousands of them. Within seconds they all locked their tiny arms and legs, forming a giant version of the same ugly face plastered on each of their own.

The huge fetus face smiled and screamed “I’m gonna fuck you till you love it, faggot!”

Who IS that?!” Kiana had to yell into Elwood’s ear over the sounds of the rushing pink liquid, yanking his hair back so he was forced to look at her. His face was pale. His lips trembled. He was terrified.

Mark Nelson.”


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