She Was Only A Clown Chapter 2

SHE WAS ONLY A CLOWN is a special serialized novel presented in weekly installments. Click here to read chapter 1.

Chapter 2

Elwood had known Mark since 8th grade. He was just a typical small town redneck like the rest of the idiots Elwood went to school with, but since they lived on the same road, they took the same bus together, and some days they would both wake up too late and miss the bus entirely, instead having to walk to school together.

They were never friends, but Mark had never actively tormented Elwood for being different like the other kids had, either. And for that, Elwood had always liked Mark, even if he wore Billy Ray Cyrus T shirts and chewed tobacco.

That was until one day, sophomore year in high school when Elwood and Mark walked home from school together. As they got close to home, Mark invited Elwood into his house to smoke some dope.

Elwood had agreed. Mark’s parents and older brothers weren’t home. It was just the two of them alone in Mark’s room. They had indeed smoked a bunch of weed out of Mark’s older brother Carl’s bong. But that’s not all that happened.

After they were good and stoned, Mark reached up under his mattress and pulled out a stack of men’s magazines.

Elwood had never seen one before. Uncle Jeff had offered to give him his collection along with the horror comics, but Elwood had declined. The truth was, Elwood had never had a sexual thought in his life. He didn’t look at naked bodies with lust. He just saw boring pink flesh. He was totally uninterested in people, naked or otherwise. Monsters were the only thing that excited Elwood and that was in an imaginative way, never sexual.

But Mark on the other hand, he flipped through the pages with a focus in his eyes that Elwood saved for a particularly gory kill in his comics.

Mark began to breathe heavier as he flipped the pages. “You ever seen tits like that?”

His voice had dropped, his eyes were glazing over. He ran his finger down a spread legged woman’s form, resting on the gigantic, bulging cock jutting up at her shaved vagina.

Mark was rubbing the bulge in his own pants. “Ever seen a cock like that in real life?”

After a second, he glanced at Elwood. He was actually asking. He wanted an answer.

“Um, no. I guess not.”

Mark licked his lips. “Do you want to?” His hand was still rubbing the crotch of his jeans.

Elwood, in fact, didn’t want to. He didn’t want to see Mark’s dick. He didn’t want to look at Mark’s dirty magazines. At that moment, he wanted to be anywhere else in the world other than in the same room with his chew-spitting neighbor.

But Elwood wasn’t a confrontational person. His parents were confrontational. They barked at, and yelled at and made fun of him every time they saw him. It gave him anxiety.

He had anxiety now. His hands began to shake as Mark unbuttoned his pants, not waiting on Elwood to answer.

“Is mine as big as that one?” Mark asked, awkwardly flopping his cock out over the magazine.

And there it was.

Elwood closed his eyes, steadying himself for what was about to happen next. He felt Mark’s hand grab his, leading it toward the redneck’s plump penis.

Elwood opened his eyes and was surprised to see how much Mark’s dick had grown just from touching it. This fact did not, however, give Elwood any sexual feelings at all. Indeed, his anxiety quadrupled as he ran his hand over the reddish flesh down to the thick, black, wiry pubes at the base of the swollen thing.

He tried to swallow but found his mouth dry. His tongue stuck to the roof of his mouth as Mark grabbed his hand and started moving it back and forth.

Elwood looked up into his neighbor’s face and saw stern concentration as the other kid watched himself get jerked off.

After several awkward moments of this, Mark’s breathing quickened. “Grab that,” he said, rocking his hips back and forth, dry fucking Elwood’s hand in earnest.

“Grab what?” Elwood managed in a hoarse voice. He felt like he had stones in his throat.

“Fag jar.”


Mark pointed more forcefully at a spot under the nightstand behind them.

Elwood craned his neck around, trying to see what the hell Mark was talking about while still getting his fist fucked.

Mark was huffing loudly now and grabbed Elwood by the wrist, speeding up the jack off.

Elwood finally saw what Mark was motioning toward. There, hidden behind a stack of hunting magazines was a mason jar. There was some kind of dried substance caked all across the rim of the jar. As Elwood reached out to pick it up, he realized what it was.

Mark’s fag jar, as he called it, was full of cum.

Elwood pulled it out of its hiding spot just in time to position it under Mark’s cock before the other boy tensed up and grunted.

Three or four spurts and several more grunts later, Mark had added a considerable amount of semen to his collection.

Why the hell he was collecting his cum, Elwood couldn’t fathom.

But Mark didn’t keep him in the dark about his bizarre fetish for long.

“Thanks,” he mumbled, extracting his pudgy cock from Elwood’s cramped hand. He took the jar from Elwood’s other hand and reached across him, putting it back where Elwood had found it.

“It’s for fags.”

“Ok,” Elwood said, wanting to leave as soon as possible.

“When I see a fag, like for real, in real life, I’m gonna make that sick fuck eat all my cum in front of me after I beat his fag ass.”

Elwood didn’t say anything. He was looking at his hand. It was raw and chafed.

“You’re not a fag are you?”

“No,” Elwood said, meeting Mark’s gaze. He started shaking again.

Mark stared at him for an uncomfortable moment.

Elwood was sure the bigger kid was about to beat him up.

“Good. I’m not either. I just–” Mark trailed off, putting his dirty magazine away, buttoning up his pants. “I get excited when I see tits in my jack off books, is all.”

“Ok,” Elwood said. “I need to go home.”

“Yeah,” Mark said. “See ya.”

Elwood let himself out, hoping that that would be the end of the awful thing he’d just been through. Unfortunately, it was only the start.

Where before, Mark had left Elwood alone when the other kids at school picked on him, now Mark was the loudest aggressor. Often, Mark would catch Elwood as he was just leaving school, making sure to knock him down or punch him in the face before anyone else had a chance to.

There was always a wild, sadistic fire in Mark’s eyes when he attacked, as if he was taking out all of his bottled up, insecure homophobic self loathing on Elwood every chance he got.

To say that Mark made Elwood’s life a living hell would be a gross understatement. In fact, Mark’s terrorism was part of the reason Elwood dropped out of school. Not that Elwood’s absence prevented Mark’s hateful behavior.

For years after the hand job incident, Mark would get drunk with his brothers and ride their dirt bikes onto Elwood’s property, circling his barn, revving their engines, smashing their alcohol bottles and chanting gay slurs until Elwood’s father would run outside with his shotgun firing into the air.

In recent years, Mark’s harassment had abated. In fact, Elwood couldn’t remember the last time he’d had to deal with an attack from Mark.

Until now.


“You think this shit’s funny, faggot?” Mark screamed from his yard. He was about to cross the street. He was only wearing a loose pair of grimy white underwear. He was shirtless and wore no shoes. That would be Elwood’s only advantage.

If he had to fight Mark again, he wanted it to be as far away from Mark’s house as possible in order to avoid the redneck’s brothers or any other white trash losers who might be hanging about.

The costumed clown veered right and trudged into the underbrush which sloped sharply. Another twenty yards and Elwood would be hidden from Service Road K altogether.

Mark’s hateful slurs grew distant. Elwood felt an enormous sense of relief as he awkwardly navigated the thickening brush that was turning more and more into full fledged woods with each clown-shoed step. Maybe he wouldn’t have to fight his psychotic neighbor after all. Maybe he’d lucked out and would be able to make his way back home through the woods and throw away the stupid clown costume.

He shook his head. What a stupid, stupid idea. He should have known better. He should have stayed in the barn where he was safe. Where he didn’t have to deal with any people.

Elwood nodded to himself. Once he got home, he’d abandon the idiotic scary clown idea and read some comic books. He smiled and plodded along toward home.

That’s when he heard the dog.

Back when Elwood had jacked Mark’s dick off, Mark’s German Shepherd Ruby had only been a puppy. Now she was a big, mean, vicious son of a bitch.

Ruby had been responsible for maiming and killing Mr. Keelen’s entire goat herd a few summers back, and all Mark and his brothers did for the poor farmer up the street was slash his truck tires and throw a brick through his front window when Mr. Keelen had threatened to call the Hopp’s county sheriffs if the boys didn’t get rid of the dog.

That was only one of the many atrocities performed by the filthy animal charging for Elwood right now. She’d killed other dogs, stray cats and generally terrorized anyone unlucky enough to walk past the Nelson property anytime she was left outside. Which was damn near all the time.

Why had Elwood allowed himself to walk this far down Service Road K? Again he silently cursed his dumb idea to act like a scary clown.

But he had no time to further lament his carelessness, Ruby would be on him in seconds. Her bark was practically right in Elwood’s ear when he finally stopped against a tree and turned around to face her.

Elwood had never actually seen Ruby close up. He’d heard plenty of stories about her, but now, standing there barring her fangs, barking at the top of her lungs right in Elwood’s face, he could see the battle scars all across her muzzle. Part of her nose was missing, maybe from a fight with another dog, maybe from Mark himself abusing her until she was a crazed monster.

“Ok, ok!” He said, putting his big stupid purple hands out in front of him.

The whites of Ruby’s eyes were showing and yellow foam was building up on the corners of her gigantic mouth. She was ready to tear Elwood apart.

His breath was hot and stank inside of his clown mask. Sweat poured off his face and pooled around his chin and throat. He felt suddenly claustrophobic inside the whole clown getup. He ached to take it off. Take it all off. The mask, the gloves, the stupid fucking shoes.

Speaking had only made Ruby more pissed off. She lunged and snapped at him as he stood trapped against the tree trying to figure out how to get away from the vicious animal. Ruby inched closer and nipped at his puffy clown pants. She was judging her distance, deciding whether or not Elwood was too much of a threat to attack head on. She’d realize any moment that he was just a defenseless dude inside the scary costume and then… Elwood didn’t want to think about what would happen to him next.

That’s when the other clown showed up.


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