RTS Bonus: Kevin And Jeremy’s New Twiztid CD Review

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Your friendly neighborhood strangers, Kevin and Jeremy are BACK with another bonus podcast for dat ass! This time the boys review the brand new Twiztid album “The Continuous Evilution of Life’s ?’s.”

And when we say review, we mean an EXTENSIVE track by track, blow by blow review! This epic podcast goes so long, it actually surpasses the runtime of the CD itself! If you’re sleeping on the new Twiztid joint because of the “juggalo civil war” beef, you’re truly doing yourself a disservice.

Or are you?

You’ll have to find out by listening to our epic bonus review podcast FREE to the public for only ONE WEEK! After that, it dips behind the Patreon pay wall and joins our growing exclusive library of STRANGEVILLE PODCAST NETWORK Patreon bonus shows.

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