RTS 22: Obliterating The Buddy System

This week, Kevin and Jeremy recount the tale of an author who pretends to act one way to appease a fanbase, but reacts in a completely different way when confronted in a debate.

They then throw to episode two of Kevin’s killer robot apocalypse tale COMPUTERFACE (which can be purchased on Amazon Kindle here and in paperback here.) In this episode, Computerface wakes up in the burning remains of Denver Colorado with no memory of who he is or how he got there. And that’s when the robots show up…

After the break, they get into the real meat of the episode as they discuss the public shellacking the new ALIENS: BUG HUNT anthology is getting and how the sloppy editing and lack of quality stories therein (according to the customer reviews on Amazon) are a direct result of the dreaded “buddy system.”

This one’s sure to ruffle some feathers, gang. Be sure to check it out and remember, keep reading!