RTS 10: HorrorHound Weekend Preview Show

Kevin and Jeremy take a trip down memory lane and talk about previous conventions they’ve attended through the years. They then preview next weekend’s HorrorHound Weekend horror con in Cincinnati Ohio.

They then throw to the JORECK AND THE SHOGGOTH STEEL finale segment featuring the big showdown between Joreck and Three Tits the lich witch!

When they come back from break, Kevin discusses the link between Joreck The Barbarian and his other fan-favorite character GUTS from the VAMPIRE GUTS books. They talk about the upcoming JORECK collection, Frank Frazetta and more!

Be sure to listen next week when we air the first part of the BRAND NEW novelette JORECK AND THE SWAMP PHANTOMS OF IKK which has NEVER been read or heard by ANYONE!

Till next week, gang. Keep Reading!