Pro-Wrestling Created ANTIFA

Me and a friend of mine stay up late some nights on the phone talking about our favorite crazy pro-wrestling angles, our favorite matches, personalities and federations. We also talk a LOT about the current political climate and the absolute insanity of the Social Justice Left.

The other night we were talking about ANTIFA, the Battle For Berkeley and the underhanded tactics the Left uses to try to shut down free speech and pro-Trump rallies. Then it hit me. ANTIFA and SJWs are using the exact same underhanded, dirty, scumbag tactics as classic pro-wrestling heels (bad guys.)

ANTIFA ripped off pro-wrestling booking tactics.

Stick with me here. The classic heel wrestler is always a coward. He’s always looking for ways to cheat the rules behind the referee’s back to gain an advantage without having to rely on his own skills or athleticism to win the match. One of the standard heel tactics is to wait till the referee is distracted, then pull a “foreign object” out of his waistband and use it to lay out the face (good guy) in full view of the audience, but not the ref, thereby scoring him an undeserved victory.

Observe this classic heel move performed by “Bike Lock Teacher” in Berkeley:

Bike Lock Teacher performs the move on the defenseless free-speech rally attendee in full view of cameras, but not in eye-shot of the police. Notice how his fellow Antifa part just enough for him to jump in, smash the kid in the head and then leap back into the crowd?

Take the way Antifa dresses. They wear black hoods, black pants, black boots and black masks so that they can perform acts of violence and vandalism without being easily identifiable by observers and police. This is another standard heel tactic. Masked wrestling heels often “trade out” for a body double after the face wrestler bests them in normal combat. The tired heel rolls under the ring and is replaced by the fresh, uninjured body double who then goes on to win the match for the heel.

A tried and tested heel tactic, once their own illegal use of an object is thwarted, is to put it in the hands of the face then get the referee’s attention and try to get the face wrestler disqualified. Observe these Antifa douchebags as they taunt a citizen journalist before assaulting him, only to scream “Racism!” at the police who witness the entire thing before arresting the Antifa goon, much to the dismay of his lying, cheating friends looking on.

Another classic heel move is for the bad guy to take his own female or skinny male valet or manager and use them as a human shield to stop the face wrestler who, by virtue of his “good-guy” or hero status, can’t hit females or wimpy males without breaking his own ethical or moral code. The heels take advantage of this by tossing their manager in front of the face wrestler just as they’re about to have an ass-woopin’ delivered on them.

Have a look at Atifa putting this time-tested heel maneuver into practice with “moldylocks” as this Antifa chick is so affectionately known:

Antifa loves to create “human shields” out of their female members and then dare counter-protesters or rally attendees to attack them. They taunt the attendees saying things like, “you won’t hit a GIRL will you?” Knowing that the free-speech side or Trump supporters live by an ethical code of standards that do not include beating up people smaller or weaker than them.

But at some point, after a feud has gone on for several months, across multiple pay-per-views and after the face wrestler has been cheated out of his well-deserved victory time and time again, the face will get sick of the heel’s dastardly tricks and turn those tricks on the heel. This elicits a huge pop (cheer) from the crowd and paves the way for the face wrestler to hit his finishing moves and finally pick up the victory he’s been after for so long, such as was the case with the Trump supporter laying out Moldylocks in all her hairy glory.

Think about it. These Antifa scumbags sit around on the internet and develop the most underhanded, unethical tactics they can to disrupt free speech and pro-Trump rallies KNOWING that they’re not strong enough, brave enough, or, and this is the scariest part, RIGHT enough to combat the ideas of conservatives on an even playing-field.

Antifa cannot win idea vs idea, fact vs fact so they pull off the same kind of underhanded nonsense that wrestling bookers use to make the fans HATE heels. Bookers have to WRITE FAKE STORIES to give their bad-guy wrestlers the kind of traits that make them the most unlikable characters on their shows.

Antifa does this in real life. Which side are you on?